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Is Dobby The Elf In Hogwarts Legacy

With plenty of House Elves you can encounter in the wizarding world, it begs the question if you can find Dobby in Hogwarts Legacy.
Is Dobby The Elf In Hogwarts Legacy

Beloved House-elf, Dobby, remains a fan-favorite amongst fans of the Harry Potter film series, and it’s no wonder many have wondered if Dobby would be alive during the 1800s. Loyal, selfless, and loveable, players have been curious whether developer Avalanche Software had included him in Hogwarts Legacy.

As there are many House-elves you’ll meet, including Deek at the Room of Requirement, it begs the question if there is a chance Dobby the House-elf could be found in-game. So we explored whether you can find Dobby the Elf somewhere in Hogwarts Castle in Hogwarts Legacy.

REMINDER - Hogwarts Legacy was due to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, but now won't release until 5 May 2023.

hogwarts legacy characters guides dobby the hosue elf house elves hogwarts kitchen
Locate the Hogwarts Kitchen to find many House-elves and their living quarters. (Picture: YouTube / ESO)

Can You Find Dobby The Elf In Hogwarts Legacy?

One player provided a reasonable explanation as to why Dobby wasn’t included in the game, which may leave the door open for his ancestor to be added at some point in time. According to Redditor FaizerLaser, House-elf traditionally has a “life expectancy of 200 years,” and, depending on their treatment, they could live beyond 200 years.

Much like we saw in the film series regarding Dobby’s care by the Malfoy family, House-elves can be instructed not to kill themselves as they could be “ordered to force themselves to stay alive.” Based on the film’s continuity, after sacrificing himself to save Harry Potter and their friends from the Death Eaters, which Bellatrix Lestrange struck him, Dobby died in 1998; however, his birth date has yet to be known.

hogwarts legacy characters guide dobby the house elf deek room of requirement the plight of the house elf
Assist Deek the House-elf by finding Tobbs the House-elf in a side quest, "The Plight of the House-elf." (Picture: YouTube / FP Good Game)

“If he were born in 1890, that means he would be 108 when he died” however, they stated that this theory could be incorrect as Dobby was portrayed to be slightly younger, ruling that Dobby wasn’t born by the time Hogwarts Legacy began. You can find House-elves all over Hogwarts Castle, but the where you find most is by finding the Hogwarts Kitchen as their living quarters are located here.

Additionally, you can help Deek locate a fellow House-elf by completing the “The Plight of the House-elf” side quest, which requires the Room of Requirement to be unlocked and have completed some of its side quests. Finally, you’ll explore a cave near Spinners Cavern where you’ll encounter spiders and eventually learn the fate of Tobbs the House-elf.

Is Dobby The Elf In Hogwarts Legacy FAQ

Can you find Dobby the Elf in Hogwarts Legacy?

Dobby the Elf does not appear in Hogwarts Legacy. Based on the life expectancy of House Elves and the timeline of the game, it is unlikely that Dobby was born during the 1800s.

Where can I find House Elves in Hogwarts Legacy?

House elves can be found in the Hogwarts Kitchen, which serves as their living quarters. You can also help Deek the House Elf by completing the side quest "The Plight of the House-elf" in the Room of Requirement.