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Is J.K. Rowling Involved With Hogwarts Legacy?

Many Harry Potter enthusiasts wonder if renowned author J.K. Rowling is involved in Hogwarts Legacy. Here's everything we know.
Is J.K. Rowling Involved With Hogwarts Legacy?

Avalanche Software's highly anticipated upcoming action RPG Hogwarts Legacy, inspired and based on author J.K. Rowling's famed novel series Harry Potter is fast approaching. With the game set to release on 10 February 2023 across various gameplay platforms, many fans are curious about the author's involvement in the game's production.

In particular, this curiosity comes after J.K. Rowling faced controversy and tremendous backlash from the broader LGBTQ+ community regarding her views on transgender people. In June 2020, Rowling wrote a tweet stating her belief that "sex is real" and that "there is no answer" as to whether someone can change their biological sex, prompting many to distance themselves from her work.

What Is J.K. Rowling's Involvement With Hogwarts Legacy?

Fortunately, there's no need for fan speculation because Avalanche Software officially addressed the author's involvement with Hogwarts Legacy. According to the game's official web page, "J.K. Rowling is not involved in the creation of the game, but as the creator of the wizarding world and one of the world’s greatest storytellers, her extraordinary body of writing is the foundation of all projects in the Wizarding World."

Avalanche Software continued, adding, "This is not a new story from J.K. Rowling [...] we have collaborated closely with her team on all aspects of the game to ensure it remains in line with the magical experiences fans expect." That said, the developers promised to remain true to J.K. Rowling's original vision for the Harry Potter series while also charting new territory "by creating fresh ways for fans to immerse themselves in the Wizarding World."

hogwarts legacy jk rowling involvement
J.K. Rowling is not involved in the creation of Hogwarts Legacy. (Picture: Avalanche Software)

Of course, this might be good news for critics who find themselves conflicted between their love for Rowling's work and resentment toward her stance on transgender people.

However, with that said, other Harry Potter fans are also curious whether J.K. Rowling will profit from the Hogwarts Legacy game.

Fortunately, we have the answer to that question, too. You can continue reading about that in our article linked above.

hogwarts legacy release date
Hogwarts Legacy is arguably the most anticipated title release in 2023. (Picture: Avalanche Software)

Hogwarts Legacy will release on 10 February 2023 on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC. The game will release on Nintendo Switch later on 25 July 2023.