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Can You Play Quidditch In Hogwarts Legacy?

As players can take to the skies and explore Hogwarts on their broomsticks, will they be able to play the famed Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy?
Can You Play Quidditch In Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy will have plenty of content for players to enjoy at launch, whether it's following the game's main storyline or doing side quests. With an open-world map to begin your adventures in and around Hogwarts, many will be exploring the map in the sky on broomsticks.

The inclusion of broom flying will invoke nostalgia for fans of the Harry Potter film series, but the bigger question is whether you can play Quidditch. We explore if the popular sport, Quidditch is playable at launch for Hogwarts Legacy.

Will Quidditch Be Available In Hogwarts Legacy?

Those anticipating joining a game of Quidditch on the sacred grounds of Hogwarts will be sadly disappointed that it won’t be included, which was highlighted in the game's FAQ page. While the news is quite a surprise for Wizarding World fans, the explanation for its absence fits with the lore.

As broom flying is included at launch, lore has predated that broomsticks had been utilized since the 11th century. Since its introduction, they were mainly used for trading services with each other until they were used for racing and eventually Quidditch shortly after the Nimbus Racing Broom Company was established.

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With broomsticks and broom flying available, is Quidditch playable in-game? (Picture: Twitter / Hogwarts Legacy)

More specifically, with the game being set in the 1800s (19th century), the exclusion of Quidditch is part of the game’s main storyline. Uploaded to the Harry Potter Game subreddit, a Redditor Character_Scale_5888 revealed that Quidditch being banned from Hogwarts is a plot point as the current headmaster, Phineas Nigellus Black, had banned students and the sport.

As to why it had been banned has yet to be determined, but players will have to figure it out when Hogwarts Legacy eventually releases. Some have even speculated that it could be included in the game as part of an expansion pack or DLC, while others believe that it may never be added to the game.


For now, you can fly around Hogwarts and its surrounding areas on a broomstick, granted that you’ve taken Flying classes at Hogwarts to improve your Flying capabilities. Lastly, you can participate in broom racing, likely against other students and possibly NPCs, and become the master of the skies.

You’ll be able to upgrade your talents and skills, with broom flying being one skill that can be done by completing challenges. Additionally, the Room of Requirement looks to be a focal feature of customizing and growing their abilities; it remains unclear if broom flying can be improved at the Room of Requirement.