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Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar Trial Puzzle Solution Guide

San Bakar's Keeper Trail is the fourth trial to complete as you uncover Isidora's dark secret and tame a magical beast in Hogwarts Legacy.
Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar Trial Puzzle Solution Guide

Hogwarts Legacy has many game features and systems that are integral to the game’s overarching storyline. The Keeper Trails explores the history of the Ancient Magic and how your character came to wield it by locating the Keepers.

There are four Keepers, Percival Rackham, Charles Rookwood, Niamh Fitzgerald, and San Bakar, whom the latter brings all trials together to reveal the truth. Here’s how to complete San Bakar’s Keeper Trial in Hogwarts Legacy.

REMINDER - Hogwarts Legacy was due to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, but now won't release until 5 May 2023.

How To Solve & Unlock The Pensieve Chamber In Hogwarts Legacy?

After meeting up with Professor Fig at the San Bakar’s Pensieve Chamber at Cragcroft Shore, you’re tasked with locating clues to unlock the chamber. The first clue is hidden behind leaves and vines, which using the Confringo spell, will uncover a large stone carving.

Speak with the professor once again, in which he’ll provide some information on the carving and your next clue. You are to locate a Graphorn, specifically one named the “Lord of the Shore,” at a den close by the South Clagmar Coast Floo Flame, which will be your Fast Travel point.

Using the professor’s tip to seek out the remains of a giant sea monster, enter the Graphorn den and wait for the “Lord of the Shore” to appear, which you’ll need to subdue the creature. After completing this task, return to the Pensieve Chamber with the Graphorn, who’ll unlock the chamber’s entrance.

hogwarts legacy quest guide keeper trials san bakar unlocking pensieve chamber
Use Confringo to uncover the first clue to unlocking the Pensieve Chamber. (Picture: YouTube / FP Good Game)

How To Complete The San Bakar Keeper Trial In Hogwarts Legacy?

Head inside the chamber and cross the bridge in the center into the main chamber room where a portrait of San Bakar can be found, and he’ll commend you on your success as he provides you with the information he had withheld from you. Take the stairs down into the room below, where you can view Bakar’s memories through the Pensieve, which sees Bakar visiting Isidora Morganach’s home and finding her father stripped of pain and emotion.

hogwarts legacy quest guide keeper trials san bakar pensieve chamber view memory pensieve artifact
Find the Pensieve and view San Bakar's memory to learn the truth behind Ancient Magic. (Picture: YouTube / FP Good Game)

Reporting this back to Professor Rackham, he revealed to Bakar that Isidora had used magic on her students, prompting them to gather the other professors before confronting her at her repository. However, after confronting her with the information, an argument breaks out, leading to Bakar using Avada Kedavra to kill Isidora.

With the memory concluded, find a way to exit the Pensieve Chamber using a Magical Passageway that brings you back to the Map Chamber. Confront Professor Rackham with what you have seen in Bakar’s memory; you’ll need to find the repository seen in Bakar’s memory which can be found within the caverns below Hogwarts.

You’ll need to craft a special type of wand using the four relics you’ve found at each Keeper’s Pensieve, which you’ll assistance from Mr. Ollivander. You’ll also need to visit Professor Weasley, and you can inform her of the events that occurred before moving forward in locating the repository.

This concludes the San Bakar Keeper Trial, and we like to thank the YouTube channel FP Good Game for the complete walkthrough of this trial. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.

Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar Trial Puzzle Solution Guide FAQ

How do I unlock the Pensieve Chamber in Hogwarts Legacy?

Use the Confringo spell to uncover the first clue behind leaves and vines, then bring the Graphorn named "Lord of the Shore" to the chamber.

How do I complete the San Bakar Keeper Trial in Hogwarts Legacy?

Cross the bridge in the chamber, view Bakar's memories through the Pensieve, confront Professor Rackham, find the repository, craft a special wand, and inform Professor Weasley.