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Does Honkai Star Rail Have Controller Support

Honkai Star Rail is out now, but can you play it with a controller?
Does Honkai Star Rail Have Controller Support

The wait is finally over as Honkai Star Rail has finally launched worldwide. Honkai Star Rail is the latest project HoYoverse, the creators of Genshin Impact. After creating a game like Genshin Impact, fans have very high expectations for this particular title. Fans have been waiting since the closed beta to finally get their hands on Honkai Star Rail.

With that being said, Honkai Star Rail is not available everywhere just yet. Although HoYoverse fully intends on bringing Honkai Star Rail to consoles, the game is only available on PC and mobile devices right now. But there are many console owners who want to play this game right now. So, does Honkai Star Rail have controller support? We answer that here.

Honkai Star Rail Controller Support
Console players want controller support for the PC and mobile versions of Honkai Star Rail. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Does Honkai Star Rail Have Controller Support?

Honkai Star Rail is one of the most anticipated games for those who were playing Genshin Impact. The game takes a lot of inspiration from Genshin Impact and Genshin was available on consoles. Because of that, a lot of console owners will either have to wait until Honaki Star Rail releases on a console or play the game on PC or Mobile devices.

But for some, playing with a keyboard and mouse is not a comfortable way to play games. That is why HoYoverse gave Honkai Star Rail controller support. So yes, Honkai Star Rail does have controller support for both PC and mobile devices. You will need to either use a USB cord or Bluetooth support to connect your controller to your PC or mobile device. Once you do that, you should be able to use your controller to play Honkai Star Rail.

When Will Honkai Star Rail Come Out For Consoles?

Although Honkai Star Rail has controller support for both PC and mobile devices, some players might want to wait until a console release for the game to come out before playing. For those who are interested, Honkai Star Rail will be coming out for both the PS4 and the PS5. However, a console release date has not been confirmed yet for Honkai Star Rail.

HoYoverse said that a console release should be coming soon, but that could take months from now. So for now, players can use mobile devices or their PC to play Honkai Star Rail and use their controllers to play the game.