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Honkai: Star Rail - Release date, gameplay, leaks, and more

Honkai: Star Rail, a possible sequel to Honkai Impact 3rd may be in the works by miHoYo as a leak reveals that a trademark has been filed by the developer.
Honkai: Star Rail - Release date, gameplay, leaks, and more

The Honkai Impact series doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon, given the success of Honkai Impact 3rd as well as its sister title, Genshin Impact. However, rumours of a possible sequel to Honkai Impact 3rd called Honkai: Star Rail may very well be in development, according to multiple sources and leaks.

If these rumours and leaks are to be correct, we could very well be looking at a brand new RPG, especially given the amazing timing as Honkai Impact 3rd will be celebrating its fifth anniversary on 14 October, which will include a planned anniversary festivities.

Here’s what we know about the rumoured Honkai sequel, Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail – Rumours and leaks

Honkai: Star Rail - Release date, gameplay, leaks, and more
Recognise any of these faces? They may be appearing in a rumoured Honkai sequel. (Picture: taishakurev / Twitter)

According to a trademark filing leaked online, the supposed sequel is titled Honkai: Star Rail. Based on the filing alone, it could potentially be a mobile game judging on the use of the word “portable”; however, it could stand a chance of launching for the Nintendo Switch. The filing also revealed that the trademark was filed dated 21 September 2021, which is very recent, with the application being made out on 23 August 2021.

miHoYo has yet to make an official announcement to verify these leaks; it’s safe to say that the game is under development, meaning some of the leaks are subject to change. However, one Twitter user believes that the developer may be the source of the leaks as they had accidentally uploaded the game client for Honkai: Star Rail before it was subsequently removed.


Honkai: Star Rail – Characters, gameplay details

As a result of the accidental mistake, many people were able to datamine information on a handful of characters as well as gameplay footage before distributing it on online platforms like Reddit and Twitter. This isn’t the first time miHoYo had made this mistake, as a similar incident occurred when the developer had publicly uploaded the beta client for Genshin Impact v.1.5.

As for which characters are rumoured to appear in Honkai: Star Rail, one Twitter user took the liberty of leaking some of the names translated to English. While a few will be familiar to Honkai fans, one character who is rumoured to be deceased in the main timeline may potentially reappear (or at least have a character bearing some resemblance to them).


As mentioned before, gameplay footage was also leaked, which makes references to a few of the characters appearing as well as the game’s title.

Honkai: Star Rail – Release date predictions

Referring back to the trademark filing which miHoYo had registered for Honkai: Star Rail in August before being made public in September. With the game currently in development, it could be a while until anything official, like a release date, will be made by the developer.


Keeping in mind that these leaks are subjected to change between now and when the developer will announce something more concrete, meaning what we know as of now can be taken with a grain of salt. We will update Honkai fans on more information once we learn more.

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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo