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How to Take Photos in Honkai: Star Rail

Exploring and battling through the sci-fi universe of Honkai Star Rail is fun, but don't forget to make memories with your faves using Photo Mode.
How to Take Photos in Honkai: Star Rail

The galaxy of Honkai Star Rail is vast and full of things to do and people to meet, but it’s never a bad time to stop, breathe in the gorgeous vistas, and snap a photo. Thankfully, Honkai Star Rail includes a dedicated photo mode that players can take full advantage of, creating their own memories at plenty of the stunning locales you can visit across HSR's world. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get access to photo mode and how you can start snapping sweet shots of your favorite five stars.

Where is Photo Mode in Honkai Star Rail


After progressing far enough through Honkai’s tutorial, you’ll gain access to the photo icon, located on your in-game phone. Hitting the Esc key or tapping the phone icon on the upper-left of the screen will open up the main menu, where you will see a camera icon on the far right, just beneath the settings cogwheel. Click or tap on this to enter Photo Mode and start snapping.

How to Take a Photo in Honkai Star Rail

Depending on your platform, the camera view can be shifted using either the zoom slider at the bottom or by dragging the screen. Three buttons on the bottom-right of the screen are available from the get-go: First-person Mode, a UI remover, and a function to face the camera directly toward the front of your character.


If you’re looking for more options, hit the Settings button on the upper left of the screen, which pulls open an extra menu featuring character expressions and character-specific idle poses to construct the perfect shot. Handily enough, you can also opt to remove the Honkai Star Rail watermark from your photos, as well as your UID information.

Once you take a photo you like, you can opt to edit the picture further before saving it, where you can throw various filters over the image.

Where are Honkai Star Rail Photos stored?

Mobile players will find their photos easily enough in their dedicated photo gallery. However, if you’re on PC and feeling a bit lost looking for your photos, check under the following default location using File Explorer:

  • /Install Directory/Games/StarRail_Data/Screenshots

That’s it for taking a photo in Honkai Star Rail, while you’re having fun snapping and sharing your starry moments, make sure to check out how to get all the free characters available in HSR, or our list of best beginner tips.

How to Take Photos in Honkai: Star Rail FAQ

How to Take Photos in Honkai: Star Rail

To start taking photos in Honkai: Star Rail, all you have to do is open the menu and click on the camera icon on the right side of the screen. It will become available right after you've finished the tutorial.