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Honkai Star Rail Origami Crane Locations

Here are all the Honkai Star Rail Origami Crane locations.
Honkai Star Rail Origami Crane Locations

Honkai Star Rail has a ton of hidden content available to players who take the time to explore its massive overworld. Players are incentivized to wander off the beaten path as much as they can while waiting for their Trailblaze Power to replenish, as they can uncover hidden treasure chests and other items. These rewards vary from Stellar Jade to Trailblaze EXP and even rare Relics. However, other Easter Eggs in Honkai Star Rail offer fewer rewards but give players a sense of accomplishment for finding a hidden quest that doesn't show up in your mission list. For example, finding all seven Honkai Star Rail Wanted Posters in Jarilo-VI nets the player a crude Trailblazer Account Icon. It isn't much, but it is certainly a nice way to reward players for taking the time to check out every inch of the massive overworld. 

One of these side quests is finding a Honkai Star Rail Origami Crane in various locations on the Space Station. So, if you are interested in finding out the Honkai Star Rail Origami Crane location, you've come to the right place. This article will cover where to find all the Honkai Star Rail Origami Cranes and how to use them!

Honkai Star Rail Origami Crane Location

Honkai Star Rail
The Origami Cranes are found in Herta Space Station. (Picture: HoYoverse)

In total, there are four Honkai Star Rail Origami Cranes found in the Herta Space Station. Players should head to the Supply Zone section of the Herta Space Station and then teleport to the Electrical Room. Head down to the very bottom of the map, and you should encounter Adler, the Ecology Researcher. Once you are here, interact with the computer control panel. It doesn't matter what answers you give or if you get any of the questions wrong, so feel free to spam through the text. Then, you can start finding the Honkai Star Rail Origami Cranes. Here is where to find them all.

  1. Northwest Corner. 
  2. Southwest Corner.
  3. Southeast Corner.
  4. Outside the door behind a plant. 

The final Honkai Star Rail Origami Crane will give you the password, which is 1233211234567. Interact with the computer one more time, and the quest is complete!

Honkai Star Rail Origami Crane Rewards

Honkai Star Rail
Players will get a reward for finding all four Origami Cranes. (Picture: HoYoverse)

For finding every Honkai Star Rail Origami Crane, players will be rewarded with 20 Hertareum and 5000 Credits. This is a hidden quest, so the rewards are not that plentiful, but considering this quest takes about 1-2 minutes to complete, it's better than nothing!

And that's everything you need to know about the Honkai Star Rail Origami Crane!