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How To Farm Planar Ornaments In Honkai Star Rail

Here is everything you need to know about Planar Ornaments in Honkai Star Rail!
How To Farm Planar Ornaments In Honkai Star Rail

Gearing a character is one of the most fun and frustrating aspects of Honkai Star Rail. Relics will all have a designated main stat and several sub-stats, the latter of which will increase randomly as you level them up. Naturally, this makes character building somewhat of a grind, as Trailblazers will need to farm copious amounts of gear in the hopes that a single piece rolls well. At the start of the game, only four gearing slots will be available for players. As you progress through the main story, Planar Ornaments will become unlocked. 

Planar Ornaments are not obtained as easily as other Relics, and so if you are interested in learning how to farm them, you've come to the right place. This article will cover everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rail Planar Ornaments, including what they are, how to unlock them, and how to farm them!

How To Farm Planar Ornaments In Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail
Planar Ornaments can give bonuses to elemental damage. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Honkai Star Rail Planar Ornaments are Relics that will drop from Herta's Simulated Universe from World 3 onward. Unlike regular Relics, Planar Ornaments also have their main stat randomized, incentivizing players to replay Simulated Universe in order to acquire the main stat and sub-stats they desire to help round out a character's build. 

After making their way through a Simulated Universe, players will come across an Immersion Device after defeating an Elite enemy or boss. Players can spend 40 Trailblaze Power or an Immersifier to receive all Planar Ornaments shown on the screen (including Trailblaze EXP). Immersifiers can be obtained via the Simulated Universe Point Reward Tracker. 

However, even if you manage to pick up a godly Planar Ornament with the perfect main stat and the perfect sub-stats, there is still a chance it will roll horribly, meaning you will have to go back into the Simulated Universe and continue farming. 

Honkai Star Rail
Planar Ornaments will drop from Simulated Universe World 3 onward. (Picture: HoYoverse)

For newer players struggling to complete the entirety of the Simulated Universe, we recommend playing through until you defeat the first Elite enemy, claiming the Planar Ornaments, and then retreating out of the Simulated Universe. This will allow you to jump right back in and head for the first Elite enemy to efficiently farm Planar Ornaments. 

Planar Ornaments are essential when maximizing a character's elemental damage, as these are the only Relics that can have elemental damage percentage for their main stat. So, as long and grindy as it is,  we wish you luck farming for a pair of perfect Planar Ornaments!