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Should You Pull Hanya In Honkai Star Rail 1.5

This is everything you should consider before pulling Hanya in Honkai Star Rail.
Should You Pull Hanya In Honkai Star Rail 1.5

Hanya should be arriving in Honkai Star Rail with the release of the 1.5 update and will be a much-needed addition to the roster of Harmony characters in Honkai Star Rail. As a four-star, it should be (within theory) easier to obtain higher Eidolon levels for this character as well. 

Harmony characters are great at buffing up your team, and Hanya is no exception, as she can provide speed buffs to the entire party. Additionally, she can also buff party member's attacks using her skills as well. 

However, before pulling for Hanya, you may want to consider a few factors that might sway your decision either way. That's where we come in. This article will cover the main things to consider before you pull for Hanya in Honkai Star Rail 1.5.

Should You Pull Hanya In Honkai Star Rail 1.5?

Hanya is a Harmony character like Tingyun. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Players without Tingyun or Bronya should likely pull for Hanya in Honkai Star Rail 1.5. First and foremost, it should be stated that players are free to pull for any characters they want. This is especially true in Honkai Star Rail, which does not feature any PvP. This means players do not need to pull for the most powerful units in order to remain competitive. 

That being said, Hanya is definitely a unit to consider pulling for. Harmony characters are rare but provide excellent support to the entire team thanks to their buffs to team members' speed and attack. 

Hanya is a great alternative to Bronya. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Harmony Characters Are Rare

Bronya and Tingyun are still dominant forces when building any kind of team and can be considered regardless of your initial composition. Regardless of the enemy's weaknesses, Bronya and Tingyun provide so much support to your DPS that their inclusion into your team should always be in consideration. 

Hanya is now another character worth considering in all forms of content. By buffing a character's speed and attack, she is a great alternative for any players missing either Bronya or Tingyun.

There Is No Guarantee For Four-Star Characters

One of the only reasons not to pull for Hanya is that there is no guarantee for four-star characters. Unlike five-star characters, which are guaranteed after 90 pulls, four-star characters have no such pity. Additionally, because four-star characters often share a rate-up, it is possible to summon the other two four-stars multiple times without ever acquiring a copy of Hanya. 

And that's everything you need to know about whether or not to pull Hanya.