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Horizon Forbidden West DLC: Release Date, Burning Shores, More

Horizon Forbidden West DLC could be next on the list for Guerrilla Games. Read about all the latest information regarding the potential DLC.
Horizon Forbidden West DLC: Release Date, Burning Shores, More

Horizon Forbidden West was officially released back in February 2022, and since then, we've had plenty of time to explore the massive world that Guerilla Games crafted for the PlayStation. Now that so many months have passed, fans are naturally wondering about DLC (downloadable content) for Horizon Forbidden West.

In the past, most open-world games have received some form of DLC to give players at least one more major content drop for the worlds they enjoy. But that hasn't always been the case for many of the AAA games in recent years. We'll go over what we know about potential DLC in Horizon Forbidden West or if Guerilla Games plans to release some at all.

Update on 2 May 2023: We've updated this article with the latest 'Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores' news. 

The DLC/expansion has now been released. Check out our Horizon Forbidden West section for gameplay guides.

Horizon Forbidden West DLC Burning Shores News & Leaks

17 April 2023: Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores launch trailer
28 March 2023: How to prepare for Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC
23 March 2023: Watch the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores pre-order trailer
2 February 2023: Just a few more months!

The Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West releases in just three months, and we are already hyped.

13 December 2022: No PS4 release for Burning Shores?!

Horizon Forbidden West DLC, Burning Shores, won't be available on PS4 as it has been confirmed as a PS5 exclusive. Read the full PlayStation Blog post here.

9 December 2022: Horizon Forbidden West: The Burning Shores DLC Announced

Sony and Guerrilla Games have announced their upcoming DLC expansion to Horizon Forbidden West.

The new DLC is called 'Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores' and the expansion will see Aloy pursue a sinister threat in the untamed wilds of Los Angeles, now a treacherous volcanic archipelago.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is confirmed to release on PS4/PS5 on 19 April 2023.

8 December 2022: Watch The Game Awards 2022 live!

There's about a 50/50 chance we will see something new about the Horizon Forbidden West DLC entitled Burning Shores at The Game Awards 2022. The game is, of course, nominated for the GotY award, so it would be a perfect time to celebrate with a DLC showcase.

Tune in the watch The Game Awards 2022 via the YouTube stream embedded below. It kicks off on 8 December at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM PT and 9 December at 00:30 GMT.

6 December 2022: Horizon Forbidden West reveal soon!

A leak has suggested that the Horizon Forbidden West DLC entitled Burning Shores will be revealed very soon. The Snitch on Twitter also recently shared an image, which could indicate the game will take place in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles areas.

Alongside this, rumour has it that the Horizon Forbidden West DLC will release in April 2023.

Horizon Forbidden West DLC Release Date

Update: Release date confirmed - Horizon Forbidden West DLC has a release date of 19 April 2023.

So far, Guerilla Games has not revealed anything related to Horizon Forbidden West DLC. Not only is there no current release date, but there is no confirmation of its existence at all. That leaves players almost entirely in the dark about more content, but there are a few signs that point towards some DLC.

Horizon Zero Dawn, the first game, had a DLC called The Frozen Wilds that was released in November of 2017. Considering Zero Dawn released in February 2017, that would mean the Forbidden West DLC would need to release next month to follow the same schedule.

There has been no news on the DLC and there is no season pass, so that means a potential release don't won't be that soon. At the very least, there is a silver lining, and some additional information has come out that points to Forbidden West DLC in the future.