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Kingdom Hearts Tweet Celebrates FF7 Rebirth Launch and Stirs Hype for Kingdom Hearts 4

A recent tweet relating to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has sparked hype for Kingdom Hearts 4, and here are the details.
Kingdom Hearts Tweet Celebrates FF7 Rebirth Launch and Stirs Hype for Kingdom Hearts 4
Square Enix

The launch of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has generated widespread acclaim, prompting enthusiasts to express their joy online. Particularly noteworthy is the official Kingdom Hearts X (Twitter) page, which extended its congratulations to the game for its success. This gesture not only acknowledges the achievements of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth but also sparks anticipation for the forthcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 4. 

The various factors contributing to this excitement are diverse, and for a comprehensive understanding of how a congratulatory tweet for FF7 Rebirth fueled enthusiasm for Kingdom Hearts 4, all the details are provided below.

Kingdom Hearts Tweet Celebrates FF7 Rebirth Launch and Stirs Hype for Kingdom Hearts 4

A recent post from the official Kingdom Hearts X account (formerly known as Twitter) featured an image of Sora, the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, standing at a city intersection. The caption extended congratulations to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for its successful release. This post was mistakenly thought to be a teaser image from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 4. However, upon further investigation, it was confirmed to be from Kingdom Hearts 3.

The image's neon-lit city background led many to believe it was Quadtratum, the modern-looking city in Kingdom Hearts 4. Commentators pointed out that the scene is actually from Kingdom Hearts 3's secret ending. The Sora in the image is from Kingdom Hearts 3, not the mature redesign seen in the official Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer.

Additionally, many noted that teasing an upcoming title in a congratulatory post for a different IP, especially one as massive as the Kingdom Hearts franchise, wouldn't make much sense. On a more pedantic note, careful observers noticed that the images of Sephiroth edited into the picture are a clear Photoshop job, indicating that the image was reworked as a nod to the successful release of FF7 Rebirth.

Kingdom Hearts Twitter Post On FF7 Builds KH4 Hype
While this tweet doesn't mention or contain anything related to Kingdom Hearts 4, it has sparked up hype for its release once more. (Picture: Square Enix)

It's understandable why fans quickly assumed it was Kingdom Hearts 4 news, given Square Enix's silence on the game since its announcement in 2022. The close ties between the two games, with crossovers like Cloud and Sephiroth appearing in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, as well as the involvement of legendary developer Tetsuya Nomura in both series, contributed to fans eagerly embracing the idea of KH4 news.

Despite the mix-up, the tweet has reignited excitement in the Kingdom Hearts community and has started building hype for the release of Kingdom Hearts 4. While the release date remains a mystery, fans are eagerly anticipating the next numbered entry in the Kingdom Hearts series.