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100 Thieves acquire Abbedagge as their starting mid laner

In a second bold mid-season move, 100T have acquired Schalke 04’s superstar mid laner, Felix “Abbedagge” Braun.
100 Thieves acquire Abbedagge as their starting mid laner

No sooner had Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho acquired residency and his green card, then 100T pounced on recruiting a new mid laner. S04’s Abbedagge will be taking the plunge and moving to NA, joining the likes of Perkz, Jensen, PowerOfEvil and Jizuke as an imported mid. EU mids, man.

In an entertainingly tongue-in-cheek announcement video, Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith fumbles Abbedagge’s name a number of times, before getting the man himself to pronounce it correctly (it’s a voice line from old-school RTS Age of Empires, for those interested).

The pick-up has caught fans a little off-guard, as the rumour mill had suggested it would be Fnatic’s Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer making the move, with Abbedagge instead being the replacement at Fnatic. That has obviously proven not to be the case.

Abbedagge is known for his hard carry potential and was a core part of S04’s recent successes and last year’s miracle run. He’s earned his “Fakerdagge” nickname, particularly on his favoured control mages - though his champion pool is notably varied, with the likes of Twisted Fate, Lucian, and even Nocturne making an appearance over his latest Split.

100 Thieves will hope this big-name signing will help sure up the problems the roster has been having in finding a stable identity and playstyle for their mid laners. When paired up with the recent Head Coach acquisition of Bok “Reapered” Han-Gyu, 100T have certainly not been pulling their punches (or shorting their cheques) in the hunt for success.