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All of the new patch 10.1 skins including Mecha Kingdoms Sett

The new Mecha Kingdoms collection joins a new Freljord addition to the extensive skin sets from across Runeterra.
All of the new patch 10.1 skins including Mecha Kingdoms Sett

A total of eight new skins will be coming to League of Legends as revealed in the patch 10.1 notes.

The Mecha Kingdoms collection is brand-new, while Sylas will be seeing his second-ever skin following the release of Lunar Wraith Sylas a year ago.

The full set of skins with their official splash art can be found below:


Freljord Sylas

Release date: 10th January 2020


The Freljord Sylas skin links to a new short story by Anthony Reynolds posted to the champion's official page.

The Shackles of Belief tells the tale of Sylas motivated by "sheer force of will and the burning desire to see the monarchy and noble houses of Demacia fall" venture to Freljord.

After a brutal fight with Brokvar, a warrior under Vrynna, Scarmother of the Winter's Claw, Sylas is able to harness the ancient magic of the Freljordian broadsword Winter's-Wail.

Sister of Frost Thorva then spoke with Sylas and explained that they share a common enemy, the Demacians, and he can lead them into his homelands to claim vast riches.

Vrynna states that Sylas must join them on a raid and prove himself in order to convince them and he agrees.


Mecha Kingdoms

Release date: 14th January 2020



The first Draven skin since Santa Draven ahead of Christmas 2017, Mecha Kingdoms Draven is distinctive yet remains instantly recognisable.

With a fiery helm and his Spinning Axes have purple blades to match and represent his kingdom.


Garen and Prestige Edition Garen



The first Prestige Edition skin of 2020 goes to Garen.

Mecha Kingdoms Garen has rocket boosters on his back which are seen when the champion lunges and recalls.




Jax is the only champion to have featured in the trailer for the Mecha Kingdoms skin line.

The champion could be seen standing on the hand of the mecha suit and with the term 'pilots' used in the description, we can assume that the lore explores this concept further.




Mecha Kingdoms Leona gives the Radiant Dawn a red mecha suit and matching weaponry.

Leona has frequently received additional skins, with only 2011, 2017 and 2019 missing a new one.




A new skin from a new collection for the newest champion. Mecha Kingdoms Sett sees the Boss become the mech.

While the skin displays an animal head on the chest, his half-vastaya traits are hidden behind the metal helmet.