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What Is Briar's Age In League Of Legends?

How old is Briar, the newest bloodthirsty champion set to arrive soon in League of Legends? Find out right here!
What Is Briar's Age In League Of Legends?
Riot Games

The anticipation of Briar's arrival to the League of Legends roster is intensifying as we near her release in September 2023. Specifically, players are eager to learn about this new champion—her move set, abilities, and place in the meta. Equally, many are intrigued by her lore, background, and age as a vampiric champion.

That being said, if you've been wondering about the age of the new skirmish-heavy jungle champion joining the roster, continue reading. In this guide, we delve into what we know about Briar's age in League of Legends.

How Old Is Briar In League of Legends? 

How Old Is Briar In League Of Legends Likely old Vampire
While we don't have an official age for Briar, based on the lore, it's speculated she might be an ancient vampire with the appearance of a young woman. (Picture: Riot Games)

At present, Riot Games hasn't officially announced Briar's age, consistent with Riot's usual approach of not specifying the ages of their champions. Often, the duration a champion has been in the world of Runeterra is left for the community's interpretation.

However, League of Legends fans can glean insights about Briar's age from information the Riot development team provided in her "Champion Insights" article. According to this lore, Briar was birthed by Vladimir through "Hemomancy" (blood magic) as he sought to create a living weapon for the secretive Noxian group, the Black Rose.

How Old Is Briar In League Of Legends Coming soon
With Briar's addition to the roster imminent, any revelation about her age will be promptly reported here. (Picture: Riot Games)

Given Briar's character design, it's clear the Black Rose intended for her to emulate a young adult. Although some fans compare her design to champions like Annie, Gwen, or Zoe, there's a prevailing theory that she might embody the classic trope of "a thousand-year-old vampire in a young woman's body," especially given her lineage and bloodlust.

This hypothesis suggests that Briar's age likely spans millennia, making it the most logical assumption. However, it remains speculative, drawing from fragments of lore and past champion designs similar to Briar. Nevertheless, once her official age is revealed, we'll share the specifics. For now, players can eagerly await Briar's debut with patch 13.19, set to drop on September 13, 2023.