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Bwipo apologises to Effort after accusing T1 star of deliberately leaking LS move

Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau has issued an apology to Lee “Effort” Sang-ho after statements made on talk show The Crackdown last night.
Bwipo apologises to Effort after accusing T1 star of deliberately leaking LS move

Bwipo has offered a formal apology to T1 support Effort after the former called for the player to apologise directly to Nick “LS” De Cesare for unintentionally leaking his potential hiring as a coach - something which is now in doubt.


The apology comes in tandem with an apology from T1 to their support as well, explaining that Effort does and did not control his stream and that the fault lay with staff who mistakenly continued recording after the stream had ended.

Bwipo’s statement also apologises and attempts to de-escalate rising tensions between Korean and Western fans over the continuing toxicity surrounding LS, T1’s Summer performances, and extreme reactions from some parts of the community that include alleged death threats aimed at LS’ family.

T1 have also promised to make a statement regarding the leaks, though that has yet to be made - a sore point for some.

The apology from Bwipo was precipitated by his appearance on The Crackdown last night, a League of Legends talk show hosted by Duncan “Thorin” Shields and Christian “IWDominate” Rivera.

Bwipo apology sorry effort t1
Bwipo apologised to Effort after accusing the player of deliberately leaking T1's staff moves. (Picture: Riot Games)

On the show, certain clips - including a call for Effort to apologise - were extremely critical of the Korean fanbase. While clips were reportedly mistranslated and partially misconstrued, Bwipo still made it clear he wanted to apologise for statements that could be construed as generalising Koreans as “homophobic, racist, or anything remotely close.”

The episode itself will not be published according to Thorin.