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C9 move on to Worlds Quarterfinals, DWG KIA end with perfect Groups run

After a day full of upsets, DWG KIA and Cloud9 are the ones that survived the “group of death”.
C9 move on to Worlds Quarterfinals, DWG KIA end with perfect Groups run

The second week of the Worlds 2021 Group Stage has already left us with moments that will remain in the history of League’s competitive scene after a series of unexpected results and upsets.

Dramatically, Day 4 of the 2021 World Championship concluded what many considered prior to the start of this stage as the “group of death" due to the presence of the most recent world champions, DWG KIA and FunPlus Phoenix.

Worlds 2021 Day 4: Group A deciders

The games of the day began with a performance by DWG KIA, who managed to claim his second victory against the LPL squad, early tying his pass to the Knockouts with two games left thanks to a great showing by Ghost and ShowMaker.

Worlds 2021 Day 4 DWG KIA
DWG KIA started the day by beating FPX, extending more their win streak. (Picture: Riot Games / Getty Images)

Right after this, Cloud9 would have in store for us several surprises in their next two games, since after coming from three losses in a row during the first half of the competition, their now-famous Play-Ins buff began to do its thing.

At the expense of Rogue and FPX, the North American third seed managed to stagger many Pick'ems from dozens of viewers, taking two important victories in search of their advance to the quarterfinals.

With the mood a bit beaten, Rogue couldn’t stand a chance against the world champions, being beaten in a game that gave much to talk about, as it featured the first Pentakill of this Worlds from the hands of DWG KIA’s top laner, Khan.

While many gave Rogue for lost as their next game was against FPX, they stood up again to face their next match with an incredible comeback, where playing surprisingly against the LPL team, they took one more victory drawing their score at 2-4.

What could have been the last game of the day, gave us one of the best confrontations of the World Championship so far, having both an inspired Cloud9 and an experienced KIA DWG, who at times had the opportunity to close the game fighting each other.

In the end, it would be the LCK champions who would manage to close their pass through the group stage perfectly, thus leaving the table set for a triple tiebreaker between C9, Rogue and FPX.

Triple tie for the Group A’s second seed

Due to tiebreaker criteria, Rogue and FPX were the first to play for their elimination from this tournament, in a match that would be very similar to their last duel, as the Europeans did the impossible by eliminating the 2019 champions, after a quadrakill from Hans sama’s Miss Fortune.

Thus, the game that would define the second seed of Group A brought us another chapter in the classic rivalry between NA and EU, as it faced Cloud9 and Rogue in a duel more than even during the entire 50-minute showdown.

The closure of the group came with a big teamfight near the drake pit, since a terrible ultimate by Larrsen's Ryze left all Rogue in a bad position, sentencing their fate by ending with an ace in favour of C9 and with this, the ticket to the Knockouts.

Worlds 2021 Day 4 Cloud9
Following their miracle run, Cloud9 will be back to the Knockout Stage for the first time since 2018. (Picture: Riot Games / Getty Images)

Tomorrow the closing of Group B awaits us, with an Edward Gaming arriving dominant, against T1 and 100 Thieves who have given more doubts than safety with their results, and with DetonatioN seeking to achieve a miracle run for the LJL.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games and Getty Images