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Caedrel announces retirement from professional play after parting ways with Excel

Marc “Caedrel” Robert has announced he will be retiring from professional play, and intends to move into a freelance role.
Former Excel jungler Caedrel has decided to retire from pro play after parting ways with the organisation. In a video posted on Twitter, the now-former pro announced his intentions to move into a freelance role.


Caedrel made waves recently with his appearances on the EU Masters and Worlds broadcasts as both a colour caster and analyst, coining the phrases “illegal” and “weakside police” and also earned praise for his intelligent analysis, particularly of jungle pathing.

In the announcement video, Caedrel stated his intent to keep up a high level of solo-queue play, but also acknowledged how much he had enjoyed his time as on-air talent. He ended the video by saying he didn’t want to spend his life “looking through open doors” and end up “living [his] life in the hallway.”

caedrel retires from pro play
(Photo: Caedrel)

His future moves, outside of the ambiguous “freelance,” is currently uncertain. However, after his success on and enjoyment of working with the LEC broadcast team, it would be unsurprising to see Caedrel involved more regularly as on-air talent, where his analysis skills would be highly prized.

Caedrel debuted on the mainstage as a midlaner for Schalke 04 in 2017 after a number of years in lower leagues, before transitioning to the jungle role on H2K partway through 2018. He spent the last two years with Excel esports as their jungler, but failed to reach playoffs with the team despite coming close a number of times.