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Emily Perkins, the other Perkz that's stealing the show on social media

In an interesting twist of fate, a girl from England has become a League of Legends celebrity for simply sharing her nickname with Cloud9's mid laner.
Emily Perkins, the other Perkz that's stealing the show on social media

There are certain names in esports that every fan knows: Rekkles, Faker, Rookie, Uzi, Caps. As sometimes tends to happen, these monikers can be shared with people completely oblivious to competitive gaming. 

One of these cases has been that of Luka "Perkz" Perković, the MSI champion and current mid laner of Cloud9.

perkz league of legends
(Image: Riot Games)

Just imagine, what if there was another Perkz? A Perkz away from the world of League of Legends? Introducing Emily Perkins, self-proclaimed Guinea pig lover from Leicester, England, is known by her friends on social media as, you guessed it, Perkz. 


Naturally, Emily being the owner of the @Perkz Twitter account caused great confusion among fans and herself.

Upon noticing this situation, C9 contacted Emily, showing their appreciation for her guinea pig and even tagging her in several supportive tweets as well as donating to her fundraiser, which can be seen on Emily's Twitter account.


Team Liquid and Cloud9 began to follow her on Twitter, with the ordeal culminating with a special mention during the LCS Lock In finals broadcast between both teams.


Emily joined in on the fun, as she cheekily changed her account's description, which now shows some of the legendary European player’s accomplishments.

emily perkins perkz
(Image: @Perkz)

And just like that, a person until now had no interest in esports has become welcomed into the Cloud9 family as both a new fan and a new friend.