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T1's Faker on being LoL's No.1: "I still believe that I am the best in the world"

The legends says that “the fans that support me are the smaller cogwheels that keep me going.”
T1's Faker on being LoL's No.1: "I still believe that I am the best in the world"

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, the twenty-four-year-old Korean League of Legends pro player is the most decorated in Riot’s MOBA history. During his multi-year career, he has gathered three world championship trophies, as well as many League of Legends Champions Korea champion titles, with countless MVP’s.

Faker best player in League of Legends
(Picture: Riot Games)

Even though Faker is one of the oldest pro players out there, he is still active, regularly playing in the highest level in South Korea. This year he was been named a champion of LCK’s Spring Split, winning it once again with T1, the organization he has been tied to for several years now. Unfortunately for him and his fans, the team has failed to make it into this year’s Worlds.





Failure to make it into League of Legends’ most important tournament in the year took its’ toll on the players, as they have been the subject of harassment by some who call themselves “fans”. What’s more, not qualifying for the world championship has made the community question whether or not Faker is still the best player in the world. T1’s midlaner addresses both of these things in the newest interview with Inven Global. 

“As long as I remain a pro player, it’ll be hard for a player to overcome my career. I still believe that I am the best in the world, so I’m not too worried. I’m just focused on self-development” says the star player.

Faker T1
(Picture: Riot Games)

And even though you could make a case that some individuals proved to be better during the last few years, none of them has as many trophies and gold medals as Sang-hyeok. And what’s even more important, not many of them have succeeded in staying at the top for so long.

The midlaner also comments on how he has been able to grind and stay on top for so long. “What supports me is my own self. Trusting myself and guiding myself to go in the right direction would probably have to be the biggest engine. Also, the people around me and the fans that support me are the smaller cogwheels that keep me going.”

Faker is the only member of 2013 SKT T1’s legendary line-up, that won this year’s Worlds, which is one of many examples that show, that his attitude is working out really well.

Faker tackles the topic of his fanbase as well, although he completely ignores those who made aggressive statements in the past. “At first, simply having a lot of fans meant that I was successful. In the past, having a lot of fans just brought me happiness and joy. Now, because of my fans, I’m able to keep on going. They’re like the assistants in my life.” It is not hard to realize his overwhelmingly positive attitude, which is something one of the keys to Faker’s success.

On every stream he makes, or in every stage game he plays, he seems to be overflowing with energy and optimism. Who knows, maybe this is a recipe for success, and others who wish to prevail him one day should take notes.