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First look at Senna gameplay released

League of Legends' 147th champion is coming soon and gameplay footage was revealed by Riot during Worlds 2019.
First look at Senna gameplay released

The next League of Legends champion has seen her gameplay reveal this weekend ahead of her PBE release.

In the short clip, we can see Senna demonstrate her abilities alongside her lore husband Lucian.

Her default weapon is a giant Relic Cannon as she is a support marksman able to support from a distance.

There is a link to storms in her voicelines as she is seen creating a cloud that not only influences her, but teammates too. She has a stun ability that also seems to make clouds appear.

Her Ultimate sees a lane-wide effect that protects allies while dealing damage to any enemy champions directly in the middle of the beam. Many have compared this to Lux's Final Spark, but true comparisons will only be able to be drawn following her official addition to the game.


Senna will be playable in the PBE from 29th October, with a full release onto live servers expected in the following weeks.

After various leaks, it is expected that she will have a True Damage skin on launch as part of a new virtual band made up from League of Legends champions.

Riot have also released the turnarounds, music and voiceover lines, 3D model and high resolution art for Senna as part of the 'community kit.'

New and reworked champions tend to be banned in both casual and professional play early on so it might not be easy to get your hands on the Redeemer straight away.

Pantheon has suffered from this throughout Worlds 2019 and maintains a 100% presence and won the sole game he was allowed to slip through in following his recent rework. Qiyana has also been banned heavily while Yuumi has been criticised for her ability to deal significant damage with little risk to the Magical Cat.