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FPX’s jungler Bo self-reports past match-fixing, suspended till further notice

The team has vowed to work with the commission in order to solve the case.
FPX’s jungler Bo self-reports past match-fixing, suspended till further notice

FPX’s jungler Zhou “Bo” Yang-bo has reported himself to the League of Legends Pro League’s disciplinary commission about his past. It reportedly included match-fixing while the youngster was playing in the LoL Development League. According to Bo, he was coerced into match-fixing. 

The player was suspended by FPX until further notice from officials. The team along with the Zhou have pledged full cooperation with the ongoing investigation. 

Following the suspension, a sudden change had to come in FPX’s ranks, as the squad had to bring back Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang from a break, which he had taken because of health problems. 

The organization faced Team WE earlier in the day in the LPL, and former world champions looked lost and unprepared for the series. FPX lost the game 0-2, with Tian being one of the worst players on the server.

As of now, we can’t be sure about the eventual ruling of the commission. Whether it finds that Bo was coerced into the match-fixing, the jungler could still be in trouble, as well as his former organization, eStar.

Zhou played for the team’s LDL division and achieved a top 5 finish, which allowed Star Young participation in the play-offs.

Match-fixing in China is thought to be widespread across a number of esports, with organized crime reportedly "working" with players in an attempt to fix results, sometimes with two competing teams working together to fix a result.

Players have spoken of the pressure put on them by bad actors and the prospect of Bo feeling he had no choice but to put the fix is a definite possibility.