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Get a look at all of League's 2020 Party Pool skins

It’s official, the summer is here… and so are the 2020 edition of League of Legends Pool Party skins!
Get a look at all of League's 2020 Party Pool skins

It was teased yesterday, it’s been confirmed today: Syndra, Heimerdinger, Jarvan IV, Orianna and Taliyah will be the latest cohort of champions to receive a Pool Party skin.


The skins were revealed via the League of Legends Brazil twitter account, confirming rumours that erupted in the wake of the teaser, and the splash arts swiftly found their way to the PBE environment.

League of legends 2020 pool party skins
(Picture: Riot Games)

The first of the splash arts depicts a hyper-competitive Syndra mid volleyball game, an entertainingly ripped sandcastle architect in Heimerdinger, and a dozing trident-umbrella toting Prince Jarvan IV of Demacia. The second is all about catching that killer surf!

Taliyah has traded out rocks for waves, racing away from the ominous shadow of Pool Party Rek’sai, while an inflatable wielding Orianna defies her robotic origins to wade out into the ocean with 2015’s addition to the skin line of Lulu.

Pool Party 2020 skin line League of Legends
Pool Party Orianna and Taliyah will arrive with the changing tides of 8.13. (Picture: Riot Games)


The skins are set to be released in patch 8.13 in roughly two weeks, with a currently unconfirmed RP cost, though they are likely to follow the pricing pattern of previous releases and land at 1350 RP.

Each skin is set to have a number of chromas for sale as well - 7 for Orianna and Taliyah, and a grand total of 8 each for Syndra, Jarvan and Heimerdinger.

The 2020 Pool Party skin line

This year’s additions to the Pool Party skin line and their in-game models:


LoL pool party set cost rp 2020
(Pictures: Riot Games)

Pool party 202 league of legends J4, Syndra and Heimer
(Pictures: Riot Games)

Pool Party 2020 league of legends orianna
(Pictures: Riot Games)

Pool party 2020 league of legends
(Pictures: Riot Games)

Party pool 2020 LoL league skin line
(Pictures: Riot Games)

league of legends pool skins(Pictures: Riot Games)

Pool Party 2020 leagur of legends
(Pictures: Riot Games)


LoL pool party 2020
(Pictures: Riot Games)


pool party syndra j4
(Pictures: Riot Games)


Pool party 2020 heimar, taliyah
(Pictures: Riot Games)