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Gwen’s full abilities revealed

The new League of Legends champion will surely leave its mark on Summoner’s Rift.
Gwen’s full abilities revealed

Riot Games has released a list of abilities that Gwen - the upcoming toplaner of the game - will possess. 

The new doll-looking-like champion was teased last week. Now we got to see her full kit. 

Her passive is called “Thousand Cuts”. It allows her to deal additional on-hit magic damage, which is based on a percentage of her health. What’s more, it heals her for some of the damage dealt. 

Moving forward to “Gwen’s Snip Snip!” which is her Q ability, we can see that it will hurt her enemies more than just a little bit. The Hallowed Seamstress snips her scissors from two to six times, with each one dealing magic damage in a cone. Rivals caught in the middle of each attack will absorb true damage, and also magic damage from her passive. The skill starts with two snips and adds one more per basic attack that Gwen hits on the enemy.

Her next power is called “Hallowed Mist”. When used, it surrounds the doll-like hero with a mist for five seconds, giving her armour and magic resist, while she’s inside naturally. At the same time it will allow her to dodge enemies attacks, as those outside the mist won’t be able to target her. The mist will follow Gwen the first time she tries to leave it. 

The next ability, “Gwen’s Skip ‘n Slash” will make her more mobile. It will allow Gwen to dash a short distance, at the same time making her attacks stronger, by increasing their range, damage and speed. Additionally, if she hits an enemy during the next four seconds, the ability cooldown will be shortened by 50%.

At last, we’re moving to “Needlework”, which is her ultimate ability. When used, Gwen fires needles in a line, that deal magic damage while slowing hit champions and applying Thousand Cuts bonus. The skill fires up a total of nine needles and can be cast three times, with the first one firing only one, and the next ones volleying three and five respectively. It seems truly powerful, therefore there is a catch. Players won’t be able to use the next cast if they won’t hit the enemy with the previous one. 

Although it is unsure when Gwen will be added to the the game, it is expected she will arrive with the next Patch 11.8, which is planned for 14th April.