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How to complete the Sentinels of Light puzzle?

Learn how to complete this cryptic puzzle, with lots of secrets awaiting before the Sentinels of Light event.
How to complete the Sentinels of Light puzzle?

As Riot revealed the first teaser for the Sentinels of Light event, which will bring the Ruination to the Summoner’s Rift, many players were interested to find out what new content will be added to the game before the event starts on 8th July.

However, it seems some of the new features have already been spotted thanks to a cryptic message delivered through the game’s social accounts, where players can try to complete a secret puzzle with a big reward waiting at the end of it.

In case you haven’t done it, we got you covered, as we will guide you on how to complete it (and yes, this was "a little" difficult if you ask us).

Completing the Sentinels of Light puzzle

To find the puzzle you will have to enter this special website, which can also be found in the description of the League of Legends official accounts.

First stage

Once there, you will find a splash art featuring Viego sitting on his throne in his ruined castle, however, whenever you click the screen, you will find a message with the word “Ruin” and a countdown.

To complete this first stage, you just have to click on Viego’s hand at the tapestry on the wall.

Rise of the Sentinels web event first stage(Picture: Riot Games)

Second stage

Once you do this, you will advance to the second stage where you will find a golden music box decorated with Viego's and Isolde’s figures. A little snippet of music will play, and if you have a good ear, you will recognize it easily as it is part of Viego’s theme from his official release.

Here, the puzzle will challenge you to put a password. The code you have to enter is “->8->8->8->8”, and as you can see, it has the shape of the cutting scissors from Gwen’s arsenal and abilities.

Rise of the Sentinels web event second stage(Picture: Riot Games)

Third stage

Now, for the final stage, you will have to enter the name of the new champion that will arrive with this event. As we know, his name hasn’t been revealed yet, however, a secret is waiting for you if you go through the source code of the website.

Playing around the code, you will find a section hidden with no elements linked to it, and as soon as you open it, you will find this message left by one of the fallen Sentinels of Light, revealing both his name and the name of the new champion, Akshan.

Rise of the Sentinels web event secret message(Picture: Riot Games)

So, now with this data in your hands, you just have to type his name, then click enter, and the challenge will be completed.

Rise of the Sentinels web event third stage(Picture: Riot Games)

What awaits at the end of the puzzle?

In the end, you will have the chance to download wallpaper with the theme of this event, and also discover some of the other surprises Riot has prepared for the arrival of the Ruination.

Rise of the Sentinels web event end of puzzle(Picture: Riot Games)

As you can see, Akshan along with new Sentinel skins for Graves and Vayne, will be released during the event, also confirming they will join Lucian, Senna, and Gwen, in their fight against Viego and the Black Mist around Runeterra.

The Sentinels of Light event will be covered around all of Riot’s games, even including Valorant, so there is much left to be revealed in the next few days about how the Ruin will affect gameplay and content-wise.

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