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IWDominate signs on as streamer for Cloud9

Popular, if sometimes controversial, streamer and podcast host, Christian “IWDominate” Rivera, has been signed by Cloud9 as a streamer and content creator.
IWDominate signs on as streamer for Cloud9

IWDominate has been picked up by Cloud9 as a streamer and content creator in a high profile signing for the esports organisation, as announced recently on Twitter.

An ex-LCS jungler for Dignitas, Team Curse, and then Team Liquid following the rebrand, IWDominate is best known as a League of Legends streamer, content creator, and host of both Facecheck and The Crack Down, two of the most well-regarded LoL podcasts currently in circulation.

IWdominate Cloud9
(Picture: Cloud9)

The news comes after IWDominate left his longtime organisation of Team Liquid, looking to broaden his sponsorship options which were limited by his previous contract under the organisation. However, things were looking challenging for the streamer when Riot announced they would be removing Rivera from the League Partner Program, making him ineligible to co-stream the LCS among other perks the LPP provided, just days after he’d announced his departure from Team Liquid.

The streamer’s removal from the LPP wasn’t entirely by surprise - IWDominate was already on probation - but the exact reasons behind his removal are still a mystery. Rivera has built a personality and career on being outspoken, critical, and adversarial, and while his analytical skills have certainly earned him followers, the other side of that coin is that his in-game and on-air toxicity has earned him just as many detractors.

Iwdominate Cloud9 LEague of Legends Rivera
(Picture: Samuel Caterisano, flickr)

That said, IWDominate had been making a concerted effort to clean up his rougher edges in order to keep his LPP position, but unfortunately for the streamer that clearly wasn’t enough.

IWDominate’s new home of Cloud9 comes with the freedom to take on other sponsors - partly why Rivera has been willing to join the organisation - and also the chance to get involved with making broader peripheral continent, including working with C9’s sport psychologists as hinted at by C9 Jack in the announcement.

The signing will be brighter news for Rivera and his fans after he was removed from the LPP, and the popular - albeit “outspoken” - streamer will be looking to make the most out of this new partnership.