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Riot remove IWillDominate from League Partner Program after social media posts

League of Legends streamer and ex-pro will no longer be able to stream official LoL esports events.
Riot remove IWillDominate from League Partner Program after social media posts

Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera, who is one of the biggest League of Legends streamers and up until recently a member of Team Liquid, will no longer be a part of Riot's League of Legends Partner Program.

This was a decision made by Riot Games in their desire to "foster a safe and inclusive community".

Christian shared this information with his viewers during the stream, along with the statement provided by Riot Games.

“Recently, our system flagged statements made on your social media account that violated our policies, and desire to foster a safe and inclusive community,”  the statement cites as the reason behind this removal, without going into details.

The removal is effective immediately, and that means he has been completely removed from the League Partner Program, which includes removal from the League Partner Discord, access to League Unlocked, and he will no longer be eligible to co-stream the LCS and Academy games.

Although Riot didn't provide any particular reason for their decision, rumours are saying that this tweet, in reaction to Hashinshin's banis why he was pulled from the Program.

IWillDominate is generally known as a rather toxic personality in the League of Legends streaming community, but he still has a big fanbase nonetheless.

Riot's decision to remove him will definitely have a financial impact on him since a majority of Dom's viewer base comes during weekends when he co-streams LCS.

Riot IWillDominate the League Partner Program
IWillDominate is one of the players with the longest career in LoL esports (Picture: IWillDominate)

And while people agree that IWillDominate is toxic when he plays and streams League, they also acknowledge that he is doing a great job as a co-streamer. 

"I will say that personally, Dom provides significantly better analysis than any of the LCS casters," says Reddit user ArkhamReaper. I won't be as interested in watching the low-quality LCS games without someone willing to be able to call them out on their performance consistently. Might tune in for some C9 games, but that's about it.

Some people from the community are calling for Riot to reverse their decision, like 100Thieves' streamer and LoL content creator Yassuo.

This is another big hit for IWillDominate in just a few days. A week ago, Team Liquid decides to part ways with him as well.

In a video about this decision, things look friendly and nostalgic, but there's something behind words "grown apart" that might point at Liquid's management desire to distance Team Liquid brand from his toxic behaviour.