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Riot Games Unveils New LoL Champion, K'Sante, The Pride of Nazumah

Riot Games has officially unveiled its next League of Legends Champion, K'Sante, The Pride of Nazumah. Find out more below.
Riot Games Unveils New LoL Champion, K'Sante, The Pride of Nazumah

Riot Games has officially unveiled League of Legends’ upcoming Champion, K’Sante, The Pride of Nazumah. This addition makes K’Sante the game’s 162nd Champion to be featured in League of Legends. For the past few days, K’Sante has been teased through trailers, and it was only last week did fans get to see a preview of the Champion and his abilities. 

On 18th October 2022, Riot Games officially announced K’Sante, The Pride of Nazumah, and his worldwide debut on live servers being 3rd November 2022. Alongside his release in the following weeks, an exclusive co-designed cosmetic will also debut called Prestige Empyrean K’Sante. With Worlds 2022 happening right around that time, fans have a lot to look forward to.

Who Is League of Legends’ K’Sante, The Pride of Nazumah?

ksante the pride of nazumah league of legends champion
K'Sante, The Pride of Nazumah is League of Legends' 162nd Champion.

K’Sante is a mighty guardian wielding weapons forged from an apex predator he once slayed. He uses these blades to keep the people of Nazumah safe while doing his best to help others survive the harsh climate of Shurima.

Nazumah is a coveted oasis amid the sands of Shurima that sees various beasts and monsters emerging from the dunes and caves that lay across the desert. K’Sante’s role plays a massive part as he protects Nazumah and its citizens from these deadly threats.

apex predator ksante killed lethal blades
This was the apex predator K'Sante killed to acquire his lethal blades.

In League of Legends, K’Sante is a Top-laning tank Champion, focusing on saving allies from harm before picking out the monstrous threat on the enemy team, defiantly smashing through a wall to duel them. 

For more information about K’Sante’s abilities, playstyle, lore, and more visit our complete rundown of the Champion.

League of Legends' First Co-Designed Champion Skin

league of legends ksante arrive november alongside exclusive cosmetic
League of Legends' K'Sante will arrive worldwide on 3rd November 2022, along with a co-designed exclusive cosmetic.

Last month, Riot Games announced Lil Nas X as the newest President of League of Legends, where he’d be releasing this year’s Worlds 2022 anthem, Star Walkin’, and performing the song at the world-renowned championship. But that wasn’t the only thing that’d happened. 

Lil Nas X collaborated with Riot Games again and co-designed K’Sante’s exclusive cosmetic titled Prestige Empyrean K’Sante, making it a world first for League of Legends. Although there will be a base version of this cosmetic called Empyrean K’Sante, the Prestige skin will only be available for a limited time.

Lil Nas X’s co-designed skin with Riot Games, Prestige Empyrean K’Sante, debuts today on PBE (Public Beta Environment) alongside the Champion itself. The cosmetics and Champion will hit live servers worldwide on 3rd November 2022

prestige empyrean ksante skin debut worldwide with league of legends champion release
This is the Prestige Empyrean K'Sante skin that will debut worldwide with the League of Legends Champion's release.

The cosmetic won’t be available for direct purchase but will be earnable through playing League of Legends or Teamfight Tactics during the Worlds 2022 in-game event.

Players must earn 2,000 Worlds 2022 tokens, which are in-game currency featured during the event, acquirable by playing games. However, don’t waste too much time, as the cosmetic won’t be unlockable after 14th November 2022.

Feel free to watch Riot Games' official trailer of its Prestige Empyrean K'Sante skin above.

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All featured images are courtesy of Riot Games.