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League of Legends
League of Legends

LCS Scouting Grounds returns with as Honda Scouting Grounds this November

Rookie players will be in the spotlight as they display their abilities in the hopes of being signed as the latest LCS prospect.
The annual LCS Scouting Grounds, an event for amateur League of Legends players in North America to display their talent and launch their LoL esports career, has been rebranded as the Honda Scouting Grounds.

This comes after Honda was revealed as an exclusive automotive partner of the LCS in August that saw the company sponsor the League MVP and advertise during LCS game days.

Honda already sponsored Team Liquid who topped LCS Spring and Summer Split this year.

From November 11-16th, this year's the best players from solo queue and the FACEIT Scouting Grounds Circuit have qualified and will be split into four squads.

Those solo queue players have specific requirements to fulfill to be eligible as they are restricted to a maximum of 30% of their total games on one champion and must have a minimum 30+ games on four or more different champions in their role. This is to prevent one-tricks and show they possess at least some versatility in their champion pool required in a professional team. These rules count only during the eight cycle period for qualification.

Following the first place match's conclusion on 16th November, the draft to allow LCS teams to negotiate with their rookie pick begins in reverse order to the LCS standings from Summer Split. Having finished last, Evil Geniuses will get the draft players first and Team Liquid will be last.

The organisation will get exclusive negotiating rights with the player they choose for the next 10 days (17-26th November) but there is no requirement for a signing to be completed by an organisation nor for a player to sign for the team that drafts them.

Mobalyitcs will be providing stats-based profiles for all of the competitors at the Honda Scouting Grounds with figures from solo queue and the FACEIT Scouting Grounds Circuit if they qualified through it. They will also help create highlights of the players to show off the best of the amateurs from their matches at the LCS Arena.