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LCS release year in review stats for 2019

League of Legends in North America continues to grow as an esport and a game and the LCS in 2019 has the numbers that document that continued growth.
LCS release year in review stats for 2019


League of Legends offseason continues around the world, but as the LCS settles down with its new rosters finalised, statistics surrounding 2019 in NA have been released.

The LCS welcomed 11 new partners including an endemic brand in Alienware, having supported Champ Select and created a custom belt for the 2v2 championship for Rift Rivals: NA vs EU, to an unexpected entry for Honda. The automobile manufacturer was also the sponsor for Scouting Grounds and the MVP Award.


In the LCS studios from Detroit and St Louis, 53,000 live fans attended on match days. The host cities saw boosts to their local economy with $5.44m in Detroit alone. 

The third most popular major professional sports league among 18-34 year olds in the United States is now the League of Legends Championship Series according to Nielsen, with the average minute audience sitting at around 124,000.


Further information about the action on the Rift was also released with details surrounding details such as outcomes of the drafts and keys pressed by champion or player.

The picks and bans were tallied up and Aatrox was the most-picked champion in the LCS (101), Irelia was the most-banned champion (131) and Ezreal had the best win-rate, winning 55 matches.

It's then perhaps no surprise that Ezreal had the most button presses on Q throughout 2019, with 41198 in total, dwarfing the totals for other buttons and other champs by over 30,000.

The full breakdown of the numbers can be found in this post on the official website, including which professional players played the most games, how many Baron steals were successul and who used flash the most.

The LCS returns on January 25, 2020 and with the LEC getting initial ticket releases last week, North American fans can expect more details in the coming weeks.