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League of Legends 11.11 early notes: Champion and items changes, new skins, and more

The next patch will feature changes to tank legendary items, along with updates to many items and a wider pool champ for the jungle.
League of Legends 11.11 early notes: Champion and items changes, new skins, and more

As always in every two weeks, Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, the Gameplay Design Lead for League of Legends, has revealed some of the major changes that will arrive to the game in Patch 11.11 through his personal Twitter account.

For the next LoL update, there will be lots of changes around many of the champions from the top lane and the jungle, bringing many adjustments to overhaul the current metagame along with some other tweaks to a bunch of other characters, items, and a few new skins as well.

League of Legends 11.11 early notes: Champion changes

lol patch 11.11
(Picture: Riot Games)

Based on the current performance and meta in the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, champions like Senna, Morgana, Rumble, and Urgot will be affected with massive nerfs, while also buffing some others like Ryze and Singed.

However, some of the changes shown have also been a little criticized within the reveal, as units like Azir, Illaoi, and Seraphine will receive improvements although they are in a balanced state, and some others nerfed like Urgot and Qiyana still need a higher decrease since they have been dominating in the ranked queues lately.

Aside from that, these moves are mostly focused on varying the state of the jungler’s champion pool, as each patch has given it more diversity unlike before the end of the Spring Split, and combining some of the changes to the items we will cover below.

League of Legends 11.11 early notes: Items and runes changes

early patch notes lol 11.11

Many buffs are upcoming to items for top laners and supports, as both the Divine Sunderer, Black Cleaver, and Serpent’s Fang, and the Staff of Flowing Water and Moonstone Renewer, will receive a general increase in all of their stats.

These changes should help champions like Aatrox and Nasus to recover some of the lost pick rate they have had recently, while from the Supports side, Lulu, Soraka, and Seraphine will benefit by the AP, healing, and shields improvement.

Finally, tanky items such as the Warmog’s Armor, Frozen Heart, and Randuin’s Omen will receive modifications based on the HP factor. Some other changes include a reduction in the sellback gold of the Biscuits, a change of focus in the Bramble Vest, and a longer cooldown to the Hail of Blades passive.

League of Legends 11.11 early notes: New skins and content

As part of the comeback of the PROJECT skinline, seven skins will be released in this new update bringing new Epic styles for Sejuani, Senna, Varus, new Legendary skins for both Mordekaiser and Renekton, and an Epic and Prestige skin for Sylas.

Chromas and icons based on each of the skins, as well as a new ward and emotes will also be available in the in-game store.

Patch 11.11 will go live on 26th May, 2021. Further details about it should be known in the forthcoming days, while you can already test it out in the PBE.

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