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League of Legends 11.8: Devs reveal details about champion and item changes

Nineteen heroes and eight items will be modified according to the game’s gameplay design director.
League of Legends 11.8: Devs reveal details about champion and item changes

Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, one of the main developers for League of Legends, has once again shared information about what we can expect in the next patch for the game, 11.8.

Thanks to his preview, we can tell that patch 11.8 for League of Legends will be one of the biggest ones this year, as it will bring more than 25 changes for champions and items in total.

League of legends 11.8 patch buff and nerfs
(Picture: Mark “Scruffy” Yetter)

Eight items in total will be updated, with most of them being adjusted. Players should be particularly interested in Moonstone Renewer and Shurelia’s Battlesong changes, as both items will be vastly modified, with the latter getting a new passive, and having one of its most popular characteristics removed.

LOL 11.8 update
(Picture: Mark “Scruffy” Yetter)

Only five champions will be nerfed in the upcoming patch 11.8. Although most of them are only cosmetic changes, the community surely will be surprised by Yorick changes. The top laner was buffed in the last update, but it looks like the changes were too strong, as he is getting weakened in the next one.

League 11.8 buffs
(Picture: Mark “Scruffy” Yetter)

A lot of heroes might return to the Summoner’s Rift by a larger margin, as forthcoming champions buffs promise to be significant. Especially Aphelios and Zac changes, which might make them more playable, maybe even on the professional level. The former will be getting two of his major abilities bolstered, with the ultimate skill getting significantly reinforced, while the latter will receive Unstable Matter buffs. 

League of Legends 11.8 champion changes
(Picture: Mark “Scruffy” Yetter)

Patch’s 11.8 main changes surely will be champion adjustments. Riot is planning to hugely modify eight of League of Legends’ heroes, bringing for example Rammus rework. Besides that, a lot of characters might appear in the jungle more often when the patch goes live, as the developers aim to shift some of them, like Mordekaiser and Morgana, to that position.

(Picture: Mark “Scruffy” Yetter)

Lastly, we have the aforementioned Rammus rework. One of the old school champions will receive minor Q, W and E abilities update, while also getting his ultimate skill completely changed.

When patch 11.8 goes live, the Armordillo will leap into the air and slam down on his enemies while using his R, dealing magic damage and slowing them down. What’s more, if Rammus uses Powerball before that, opponents in the centre will get knocked up. 

Patch 11.8 for League of Legends is expected to go live on Wednesday next week, April 14th, according to the game’s patch calendar.