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League of Legends
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League of Legends Battle Academia 2021 quest guide

The new skins of this theme have arrived with missions and some rewards for all players.
Being introduced a few weeks ago, the new Battle Academia skins have arrived in League of Legends bringing with them five skins for Caitlyn, Garen, Wukong, Yone, and Leona, in addition to a Prestige skin for the last one mentioned.

Along with these, new missions have been added as a welcome to the new skins, being available without having to buy an Event Pass, so despite being a small event, any player will have the possibility of having these rewards.

Battle Academia 2021 quests

League of Legends Battle Academia 2021 quests
(Picture: Riot Games)

First Day of School

To complete this quest, you must kill three Dragons together with your team, or play five games. The reward will be 150 Blue Essence.

Who Needs to Study?

For this, you will have to collect a total of 10,000 gold in any game, or play five games. The reward will be 350 Blue Essence.


You must get 15 takedowns (kills or assists) in a single game, or play five games. You will receive a Mystery Emote Permanent upon completion.

Trigger Discipline

You will have to accumulate a score of 35 CC or more in a single game, or play five games. You will receive a Hextech Key as a reward.

A Date for the Dance

Finally, for this quest you will have to play a game with a group of one or more friends, or play five games. Upon completion you will receive a Hextech Chest.

The Battle Academia 2021 skins are available now in the in-game store, with Garen, Leona, Wukong, and Yone's skins priced at 1350 RP, while Caitlyn's is priced at 1820 RP. Additionally, the Prestige Leona skin can be purchased for 100 Prestige Points.