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League of Legends
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League of Legends buzzes with Bee-themed skins for Yuubee, Beehazar, and Bee’Maw

Three champions known for their poking skills will receive these new skins, heading into the spring season.
March is about to begin, and after a month of celebration with the Moon Beasts event and the arrival of the Teamfight Tactics set 4.5, Riot Games is hoping to create a buzz with a series of Bee-themed skins coming to League of Legends.

On the 17th of February, teased these skins arrival while announcing that Yuumi, Malzahar, and Kog'Maw would be the chosen champions.

As has happened previously with Teemo and Singed with their skins based on bees (Beemo and Beekeeper Singed, respectively), this time the three aforementioned champions will receive skins with small wings, yellow and black colours, and above all, lots of honey.

League of Legends' Bee-themed skins

League of Legends Bee-themed skins spring march 2021
(Picture: Riot Games)

These skins will not only change the champions outward appearance but also the visuals of their basic attacks and abilities giving them bright honey-hued colours.

The three new skins, Yuubee, Beehazar, and Bee’Maw, will be available on the PBE soon, with an expected release in the live servers in Patch 11.5 or 11.6, priced at an estimated 1,350 RP each.