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League of Legends
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League of Legends esports unite for Mid-Season Streamathon to support COVID-19 relief

Riot Games has announced a new charity Mid-Season Streamathon which will bring together League of Legends esports communities from around the world.
A new charity Mid-Season Streamathon will see League of Legends esports communities from around the world come together to raise money for COVID-19 relief. 

Announced by Riot Games in a blog post, the charity stream will play host to special exhibition matches and competitions between leagues across an entire weekend. 

Promised events include a continental battle between teams in Europe, an influencer battle between Yoda and Kami in Brazil, and a Mid-Season Cup showdown between the top teams in the LCK and LPL. 

Donations from the stream will be donated to nonprofit organisations supporting COVID-19 relief efforts, including the ImpactAssets COVID Response Fund and GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund. 

Mid-Season Streamathon League of Legends
Riot has announced the Mid-Season Streamathon (Picture: Riot Games) 


The charity stream starts Friday 29th May at 5pm PDT/1am BST and runs until Sunday 31st May. 

More details on special guests and events will presumably be announced in the lead-up, so watch this space.

What is the schedule for the Mid-Season Streamathon? 

Mid-Season Streamathon League of Legends
The Mid-Season Streamathon schedule (Picture: Riot Games) 


How can I watch the Mid-Season Streamathon? 

The charity stream will be broadcasted at watch.lolesports.com