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League of Legends 11.10 patch notes: Champion & items changes, new skins, and more

A big update is coming to the jungle, find out what's new with League of Legends patch 11.10
League of Legends 11.10 patch notes: Champion & items changes, new skins, and more

Riot has released all the info about the new update that will arrive at League of Legends servers on 12th May, belonging to Patch 11.10.

Now that we are in the mid-season, this update will serve as a starting point to mould the metagame in the road to the Summer Split.

Along with this, a few utility items and runes will get some tweaks in regards to their stats and cost, a classic Marksman receives a VFX update, and the big jungle overhaul teased during Riot’s development blog is now coming to the Rift.

Patch 11.10: Champion changes

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Starting as always with the buffs, Kayle’s Divine Ascent (P) will get an increase of its damage ratio and bonus attack range, also getting a bugfix when applying Muramana's Shock, while Kennen’s Electrical Surge (W) and Lux’s Lucent Singularity (E) will receive a good increase in their AP scaling.

Focusing on the supports, Yuumi’s Prowling Projectile (Q) is getting a double buff for its base and empowered damage at all its levels, and a bugfix for its You and Me! (W) ally icon.

Finally, Zyra’s Garden of Thorns (P) gets an increase of slow on her Vine Lashers, and her Rampant Growth (W) cooldown will be reduced by two seconds at all levels.

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Moving onto the nerfs, Bard’s Traveler's Call (P) base damage has been reduced, while Darius’ Apprehend (E) cooldown was highly increased along with Galio’s Shield of Durand (W), while the latter’s magic damage shield was decreased at levels except for the first one.

Jinx’s base armour has been reduced by two points and her Super Mega Death Rocket! (R) damage to epic monsters will now be capped at 1,000. Katarina’s base movement speed was decreased by five points, Talon’s bonus AD from his Noxian Diplomacy (Q) is now capped at 100%, and Thresh’s base health was decreased, while his health growth was barely buffed up.

Patch 11.10: Jungle update

Patch 11.10: Jungle update(Picture: Riot Games)

We will make a stop right now to talk about some of the most drastic changes coming with this patch, which will impact all junglers. Riot recently announced they would overhaul this role to make it more accessible, which has resulted in the following:

  • Jungle Timers and Camp Gold: The Camp Respawn Timer will be increased from 2 minutes to 2:15, and its Glowing Indicator will now appear 10 seconds before camp spawns.

  • Comeback Experience: Junglers with at least two levels below the average level of all players in the game will get increased XP from large and epic monsters. 50 XP more per level.

  • Smite: Its damage will start at a flat 450, increasing to 900 after its quest completion. The Smite will now break through the Rift Scuttle's shield, and when using an unsealed book, its damage now increases after swapping summoner spells twice.

  • Survivability: The Omnivamp stat from jungle items will be reduced to 8%, however its heal will now be upped to 15%.

  • Jungle Monster Camp Changes: Every single camp will have balance changes in its Attack Damage, Health, and Gold.


Patch 11.10: Items and Runes changes

Patch 11.10: Items and Runes changes
(Picture: Riot Games)

Few items are being highlighted this time, as the Abyssal Mask will see an increase in Health, Damage Ratio and Duration of its Unmake, the Goredrinker is getting a mini buff on its healing based on missing health, the Guinsoo's Rageblade combines cost moves from 1,110 to 900 gold, and the Riftmaker’s combat trigger will have better windows to activate its effect.

As for the Phase Rush, it has been dominating high-level play with its ability to provide safety both in the lane and in extended fights, so now its cooldown will be based on a level than being flat, and its bonus movement speed in the first levels was decreased.

Patch 11.10: Kog’Maw’s VFX update and new skins

We finish this patch with the release of another set of VFX updates, this time for everyone's favourite void pupper, Kog'Maw. This will bring changes to effects and particles of all his abilities, as well as recolours in all his skins.

Likewise, four new skins will be available within the in-game store within the Arcana theme, for Lucian, Xerath, LeBlanc, and Tahm Kench. Each of these will receive a set of eight chromas to feast your eyes on in style.