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League of Legends Season 11: Viego, new skins, rank and progression revamp, and more

During today’s season 11 live stream Riot unveiled their plans for Season 11 of League of Legends including the introduction of the game's latest champion Viego the Ruined King.
League of Legends Season 11: Viego, new skins, rank and progression revamp, and more

Today, Riot Games has officially kicked off the 2021 season, with big announcements prepared for all of their titles that will have new content throughout this year. Here we bring you all the details.

Viego the Ruined King, arrives at Summoner's Rift.

League of legends season 2021 Viego the ruined king
(Pictures: Riot Games)

Through a special cinematic with Lucian and Senna as protagonists, the presentation of Viego, also known within Runeterra as the Ruined King, has been made.

Viego is originally from the Shadow Isles, however, after Senna's escape from Thresh's lamp some time ago, he has begun a journey of destruction in search of a hidden secret within Senna.

With the arrival of Viego in the main game, and the upcoming release of Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, Viego's story will be expanded in a special way over the next few months, as various champions from all regions of Runeterra join forces. with only one goal: Stop him no matter what it costs.

Gameplay changes

League of legends 2021
(Picture: Riot Games)

In recent months there have been major changes within the game's playability, highlighting among these the new item store with a more complete visual interface for veterans and easier for new players.

With this also came a small update to the icons of the items throughout the store, in addition to adding and removing different items according to their impact on the game and their percentage of use.

League of legends new store
(Picture: Riot Games)

With the new season a big change has arrived that is set to revamp the ranked system, since from now on the promotion system between divisions will be eliminated, which means that players will be able to ascend to the next division as soon as they reach 100 PL, similarly to the current Teamfight Tactics system.

Additionally, there have been several changes to the PL awarded and lost system after having AFK players in ranked matches, along with changes to the penalty system in recent months.

In addition, the arrival of the first Clash tournament has been announced for next weekend, after a year of success in the implementation of this system of tournaments available to any player.

Champion updates and upcoming releases

League of Legends 2021 season
(Picture: Riot Games)

Returning to the subject of champions, there will be two champion updates for this year, one of them will be focused on Dr Mundo, one of the oldest champions in the game and who had already received one a few years ago.

The second will be decided through an online vote, in which five champions, two of them making their comeback from the last poll, will be voted by the community to decide which will receive a visual update, the choices being: Shyvana, Nocturne, Udyr, Quinn and Skarner.

lol season 2021 champion vote
(Picture: Riot Games)

Small previews of three upcoming releases have been made, all related to the arrival of the Ruined King in the Rift.

Viego will arrive at PBE in the next few days, with the arrival of it to the main servers to take place at the end of January or the beginning of February.

New skins and thematics

lol 2021 skins
(Picture: Riot Games)

In the visual part, Riot has made official the launch of new skins for the following champions:

  • Fiddesticks
  • Tahm Kench
  • Corki
  • Camille
  • Galio
  • Lulu
  • Nautilus
  • Wukong
  • Nunu
  • Sejuani
  • Rumble
  • Yuumi
  • Twitch
  • Vayne
  • Caitlyn
  • Blitzcrank

In addition to this, new thematic skins were announced, both in the Project and in the Combat Academy series, along with new themes with various approaches, including:

  • Lunar Beast: Based on the celebration of the Chinese New Year, these will be aspects with a traditional design focused on the Year of the Ox, having a futuristic touch transporting us to the year 2057.
  • Space Groove: Continuing with the futuristic theme, this series of skins will have a more comical style, with references to science fiction, vibrant colours and a little cute in each new look.
  • A third theme will be chosen through a poll, being the nominees: Monster Tamers, Crime City Nightmare, and Debonair 2.0.

lol new skins space groove
(Picture: Riot Games)

New progression system, and events

Finally, Riot announced the arrival of a new progression system that will be in development over the coming months.

This will combine all the aspects of an individual account, from its current rank to the most used champion, current account level, masteries and aspects obtained, etc.

(Picture: Riot Games)

Major changes were also announced for the Event Pass system, as well as more planned content for Ruined King that players will get a proper look at later in the year.