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League of Legends’ Vex: Release date, development, rumored abilities, and more

A new champion is coming to the Summoner’s Rift, known for being a teenage Yordle with dark feelings and darker goals.
League of Legends’ Vex: Release date, development, rumored abilities, and more

The Sentinels of Light event is about to finish its run across all of Riot’s games, and players will be left with a greater understanding of the lore of champions like Lucian, Senna, and Viego, while also introducing a couple of champions in League’s roster.

Weeks ago we got to know everything about Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel with marksman and high flying abilities who, although he's had a rough start in ranked, features some of the most versatile skill sets in the entire game.

League of Legends Akshan the Rogue Sentinel
(Picture: Riot Games)

Meanwhile, Riot’s development team has been working on another champion who was set to be added into League before Akshan, but a change of focus in her abilities delayed her release in order to give her a more prominent role within the mid lane, and if you have followed the Rise of the Sentinels, you already know who we are talking about.

League of Legends’ Vex: Development and rumoured abilities

Vex is a dispirited, darkly-dressed Yordle champion, who plays a very important role within the Ruined King’s story, as she serves as the one who gives power to the Ruin’s expansion within Runeterra, while also following Viego as a loyal sidekick.

Her main source of power comes from her shadow, which seems to be sentient but also follows every one of Vex’s orders, meaning it will likely be linked to her in-game abilities.

League of Legends Vex Sentinels event
(Picture: Riot Games)

Little is known about her skill set, however by looking into the Sentinels’ event, we have learnt she has the following powers:

  • Amplifying magic and elemental powers, like Viego’s Ruin in the story
  • Create portals to teleport around certain areas
  • Create a dark mist that slows and paralyzes any enemy in its area of effect
  • Suffocate enemies through anti-action moves

Visually, and as League’s Lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles revealed, all of her abilities will feature new tech to show the full potential of her burst power, with glooming and stunning effects.

League of Legends’ Vex:  Release date and launch skin

Riot has confirmed her release window to be in September 2021, meaning she will arrive way after the Sentinels of Light event is over. Besides, she will get a first skin based on the Ruination theme, a nod to the prominent role she has played throughout the event.

League of Legends Vex teaser
(Picture: Riot Games)

We will have to wait a few weeks until we get the full reveal of the Gloomy Mage in the PBE, whose only purpose is to create an awful, ugly world, with no hyperactive champions dashing all around her.

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