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Leagues' Tyler1 joins T1

It was always meant to be, and the announcement video for T1 T1 is... something.
Leagues' Tyler1 joins T1

In one of the most brand savvy moves Imaginable, esports organisation T1 have signed on infamous streamer Tyler1 onto their brand. That’s right folks, T1 T1 is official.

The announcement video is… something. In it, Tyler1 screams “I’m built different - let’s go!” before blasting off into space Super Saiyan style, courtesy of some old-school Dragon Ball Z references and deliberately janky green-screen animations. If nothing else, the energy levels are way over 9000.

Tyler1 T1
(Picture: T1)

What the deal between Tyler1 and T1 have struck entails beyond Tyler1 being under the T1 brand as a streamer is as yet unknown. The announcement video ends with T1 being handed “the keys to the kingdom” as a symbol of partnership, so there’s every chance that’s mostly where the deal ends.

However, with the media pull both parties have, it would be unsurprising if both look to leverage their individual brands together in a further capacity.

T1 is best known as a South Korean esports organisation, formerly branded SKT before a recent merger with Comcast, with an elite pedigree in StarCraft and League of Legends in particular.

Tyler1 on the other hand is a highly popular League of Legends streamer known for his overblown personality, challenger level play in multiple roles, and infamous history of being perma-banned by Riot Games - a ruling which has since been overturned.