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Legends of Runeterra Patch v1.0: Introducing the Rising Tides set, LoR Mobile, Launch Rewards & more

The game is coming out of beta and bringing with it a host of new features, as well as a mobile port of the popular card game.
Legends of Runeterra Patch v1.0: Introducing the Rising Tides set, LoR Mobile, Launch Rewards & more

Earlier today Riot Games, the company behind the new card game, Legends of Runeterra, revealed the patch notes for its upcoming update.

Legends of Runeterra is officially launching with this patch, after four months of open-beta and will include the games’ first official expansion - Rising Tides which introduces various new keywords, over 120 cards, and 11 new powerful champions for players to use in-game. 


The Rising Tides set

The highly anticipated Rising Tides expansion arrives in Legends of Runeterra tomorrow. The star of the new expansion is the new territory, Bilgewater. Bilgewater is available on launch and introduces over 60 Bilgewater cards, in addition to five champions.

Some of the early reveals for the Bilgewater territory include champions such as Fizz, Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate, and Gangplank. 


Legends of Runeterra v1.0(Credit: Riot Games)


Other highly anticipated cards include minions such as the Dreadway and Devourer of the Depths. 


Legends of Runeterra Dreadway devourer of the depths
(Credit: Riot Games)


The weekly vault

The weekly vault of Legends of Runeterra is a highlight of the week for many players. However, this week, you might want to hold off on logging in to see your rewards for just a couple of extra hours. As mentioned in the patch notes, this week’s vault can contain cards from the Rising Tides set if you unlock the chest when the update is on the live servers. 


When does the mobile version of Legends of Runeterra launch?

The long-awaited launch of Legends of Runeterra on mobile platforms is almost here! Mobile Legends of Runeterra launches alongside the patch 1.0 for PC.

However, it could take up to 48 hours for the game to be available on your app store. At this time, the game is launching on both iOS and Android.

The initial launch excludes the regions of Vietnam and China. 


Legends of Runeterra Launch Rewards

There are various login and launch rewards available with the official launch of Legends of Runeterra. For starters, all accounts that log in to Legends of Runeterra before Midnight on 7th May will receive the exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian.

In addition to this, all new (and existing) players get access to a week of login rewards. 

The rewards include items such as capsules, expedition tokens, and collectable cards. 

Once players complete the first-week login rewards, they gain access to a new starter deck. The new deck is based around the keywords Freeze and Decay and features one of the most popular champions from the beta, Ashe. 

The expansion of cosmetics

Alongside the new Rising Tides expansion, we find out more about the cosmetics available at launch for the game. There are several aspects of the game with customization available in the game.

The most popular personalization seems to be surrounding the new boards available for the game, and the card-game favourite card backs. 



Slaughter Docks board card backs Legends of Runeterra
(Credit: Riot Games)

The Rising Tides expansion introduces one new board to the game, Slaughter Docks. In addition to this, a total of ten new card backs are available on launch, tomorrow.

Seven of the card backs, one for each territory, are free to unlock through the Region Roads rewards. However, the new champion card backs for Jinx, Garen, and Yasuo cost 490 coins.

Legends of Runeterra card backs
(Credit: Riot Games)

There is a lot more to explore with the launch of Legends of Runeterra. For more, you can find this on the official patch notes of patch 1.0