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LoL Esports Manager: Release date, first look, gameplay details, platforms, more

Learn all about "LoL Esports Manager", the simulator that will allow you to become a coach of an esports team from the LPL.
LoL Esports Manager: Release date, first look, gameplay details, platforms, more

As part of the 10th-anniversary celebrations of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL), China's top competitive circuit, Riot Games has revealed a new batch of information regarding its next title, related to the MOBA’s competitive scene.

First announced during League of Legends’ 10 Years, LoL Esports Manager will focus on offering its players the opportunity to become a LoL Esports team coach, so if you are interested in learning more about this new experience, then you are in the right place.

LoL Esports Manager: First look and gameplay details

Similar to what happens with titles like Football Manager, the intention of LoL Esports Manager is to let players simulate the experience of becoming coaches of their own organization, in this case, focused on the League of Legends scene in China.

LoL Esports Manager champion select screen
In LoL Esports Manager, players will have full control of their own esports team from the LPL. (Picture: Riot Games)

As shown in its first look, LoL Esports Manager will allow team rosters to be formed with many of the LPL stars, featuring players such as Tian, ​​Meiko and JackeyLove. Players will also have to achieve club goals and be in charge of the champion selection and blocking phases, among other things.

However, when teams jump into Summoner's Rift, instead of controlling a champion like in League of Legends, players will take on the role of the team's main coach, so they will have to be tactical about certain parameters such as match results, the strategy to follow, the approach to action, all in their attempt to reach the top of the LPL.

On the other hand, the title will work broadly as a game with gacha mechanics, incorporating a monetization system and maybe loot boxes to obtain high-level or rare players, like that seen in Genshin Impact.

LoL Esports Manager champion select screen
You can build your winning squad with some of the best players around the world. (Picture: Riot Games)

In addition, similar to fantasy-style sports platforms, both the player statistics and the metagame within the title will be based on League’s patches data in real-time, thanks to the implementation of "an artificial intelligence simulation system".

LoL Esports Manager: Platforms and release date

At the moment, LoL Esports Manager doesn’t have an estimated release date yet. Although it was initially planned to be released during 2020, however issues arising from the pandemic delayed its development, so it’s plausible to think about a launch window in 2022.

It’s expected it will only be available in China at first, exclusively for mobile devices, so it may take a while to see it in western regions. For now, we will have to wait for more details to know how the game will work, and if the experience will be balanced.

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