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LoL Low Elo 11.6 tier list - Top Lane, Jungle, Bot Lane, Support

The latest patch has brought some changes to various junglers and champions with items and runes based on healings.
LoL Low Elo 11.6 tier list - Top Lane, Jungle, Bot Lane, Support

Thee new League of Legends patch has brought with it some changes to the ranked queues metagame and the competitive one in general, which has been quite focused on giving relevance to previously unnoticed champions like Udyr.

In this article, in conjunction with Mobalytics, we will introduce the champion tier list for Patch 11.6, curated by Adam "Moriarty" Isles, Dan "Aux" Harrison and Phy, and the Role Specialists: Shikari, Only, Command Attack, and Yen.

Top Lane

LoL Low Elo 11.6 tier list top lane
(Picture: Mobalytics)

Among the main changes to the top lane, the one that most affected this lane was the nerf to the Stridebreaker, having 100 less bonus HP. To this must be added the changes to the Immortal Shieldbow and the Blade of the Ruined King.

Likewise, the changes to the Sunfire Aegis also brought improvements for some tank champions, being a better alternative to the Turbo Chemtank. Champions like Camille and Kayle suffered from heavy nerfs due to their early game matches against each other.

The Teleport changes will not have as much of an impact as expected in this lane, as many players have focused on carrying offensive summoner spells.


Mobalytics 11.6 tier list jungle
(Picture: Mobalytics)

The jungle has not had many changes despite the recurring nerfs to its champions, being one of the most determining roles in any game.

Champions like Udyr, Hecarim, and Skarner will continue to abound in future patches, while the Smite's healing buff brought some perks to camp rotations.

Likewise, the changes to the Ravenous Hunter have brought some changes for champions that took advantage of ambushes and had great durability for them, so some units focused on life steal will not have many advantages from now on.

Mid Lane

LOL 11.6 mid lane
(Picture: Mobalytics)

This lane was one of the most affected in the changes of this patch, due to the multiple modifications of items such as the Verdant Barrier and the Seeker's Armguard, suffering multiple nerfs in their statistics, so it will no longer be so viable to rush them in the early game.

The Void Staff suffered from a small power increase, however, it was affected by a higher price, taking away some of its efficiency. Liandry's Anguish also allows more damage to tank champions, along with changes to the cooldown of Luden's Tempest passive.

All of this has benefited champions with short cooldowns and siege effects from improving their damage stats, causing units like Anivia and Kassadin to take the top spot on the tier list.

Bot Lane

League of Legends best champions bot lane 11.6
(Picture: Mobalytics)

This lane did not undergo any major changes this time, although some champions like Vayne and Kai’Sa were a little nerfed due to the changes to the Ravenous Hunter.

From then on, Seraphine, Tristana and Sivir have become great protagonists in the carry role, thanks to their harassment and good lane pushing, in addition to having a range that facilitates exchanges and prevents sieges and ambushes.

Samira also received some buffs after being buried in the low tiers due to her recurring nerfs.


Support lane 11.6 best champions lol
(Picture: Mobalytics)

Thresh has become one of the biggest threats and best options in the game thanks to his hooks and his great control of lines, in addition to that other champions with crowd control like Blitzcrank and Alistar have also predominated in the current metagame.

It should be noted that despite his changes, Pyke is still a fairly regular selection compared to the better performance of other more useful picks like Nami.

With this, we finish this champions guide within Patch 11.6, however, if you want to discover some item compositions that can help you improve in your rank, you can check the video below, courtesy of Mobalytics.

Good luck in your matches, and we will see you in the next edition.