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LoL v11.7 tier list - top lane, jungle, mid lane, bot lane, support (Low ELO)

The 11.7 patch has brought some changes to various junglers and champions with items and runes based on healing. Here is our up to date tier list to give you the best chance of success in the Rift.
LoL v11.7 tier list - top lane, jungle, mid lane, bot lane, support (Low ELO)

Like every two weeks, the new League of Legends patch has brought with it some changes to the metagame, this time around the balance changes have been focused on giving more power to underused champions, while also nerfing the biggest powerhouses of the jungle and the bot lane.

This article, in conjunction with Mobalytics, we will introduce the champion tier list for patch 11.7, curated by Adam "Moriarty" Isles, Dan "Aux" Harrison and Phy, and the Role Specialists: Shikari, Only, Command Attack, and Yen.

LoL Low Elo 11.7 tier list

Top Lane

League of Legends 11.7 tier list top lane low elo
(Picture: Mobalytics)

The top lane did not undergo many changes to its meta, although there were improvements announced for Mordekaiser in the power of his Q, however, it will not affect his current performance.

A drastic change that did arrive with the patch was the nerf to Lord Dominik, since this item is usually bought as a second in some compositions. The announced changes will give it less prominence in this lane, but it will continue to be picked on some occasions.

Add to this the changes to the Trinity Force passives that will benefit champions like Jax and Irelia with their explosive sieges.


Lol 11.7 tier list jungle
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This time, the jungle went through a lot of changes due to the power of this role in the ranked. Udyr received a nerf in his base damage, while Hecarim saw his maximum speed decreased when activating his E, which will impact heavily on him.

To make things worse, the Turbo Chemtank also received a massive nerf, lowering the percentage of movement speed it boosts but increasing its slow. A change that again, is aimed at champions like Udyr and Hecarim who take advantage of their great speeds for skirmishes.

Kindred received an offensive buff that will allow it to have more presence in the game, although its performance still has a lot to fix, while Evelynn and Kha'Zix have seen their position in the tier list diminished due to their poor performance in the early and late game.

Mid Lane

Mid Lane
(Picture: Mobalytics)

After the changes to the mid lane in 11.6, its overall performance was somewhat affected, as neither champion leads within the God Tier, while the changes to Everfrost have also brought nerfs to Ahri and Kassadin's compositions who depended too much on it.

Lissandra also had some tweaks, but her position on the tier list remains the same. Surprisingly, Akali becomes relevant again, receiving a buff after a long time, although it is necessary to improve her stats if she wants to see more activity in the Rift.

Bot Lane

Mid lane tier list league of legends 11.7
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This lane was the centre of attention of this patch, being the one that went through the most changes in both its champions and items. Nerfing Lord Dominik has made it a less viable option when facing tank champions, while the Essence Reaver was also affected in its cost and base damage.

With the cost of Serylda's Grudge reduced by 200, the Ezreal mains will have a smile for their comps, although the Kai'Sa mains will not be very happy since the nerf to her Q brings her down from S-tier, by affecting her dominance in lane a little

Lastly, Varus received a few changes that, while good, won't greatly affect his overall performance, while Tristana and Kog’Maw have also received tweaks that impacted their late-game performance, and Ashe ranks up thanks to the increased damage in her W.


Support tier list 2021 lol
(Picture: Mobalytics)

The changes to the Turbo Chemtank have ended up affecting the supports as well, with Thresh and Alistar being the most as well as receiving nerfs in their abilities. Although despite these, both are still good options for the bot lane.

Additionally, Rell has descended from her pedestal after reducing her E stun to 0.5 seconds, making it difficult to trade and engage when using this champion.

Thanks to these changes, champions like Leona and Lulu may have more presence and appearance in games as the changes affected their biggest rivals, while Seraphine continues to dominate both as support and as a carry.

With this, we finish this champions guide within patch 11.7, however, if you want to discover some item compositions that can help you improve rank performance, you can check the video below, courtesy of Mobalytics.

Good luck in your matches, and we will see you in the next edition.