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Loldle Ability Answer Today

Another round of Loldle means another round of ability guessing! Here's today's Loldle ability answer!
Loldle Ability Answer Today

Loldle is a fan-made parody of the popular five-letter word guessing game Wordle. However, instead of guessing a random word each day, users will have to guess a mystery Champion, a unique skin, or a quote! 

Additionally, players will also be able to guess today's topic of discussion, a mystery ability. Each League of Legends Champion has four main abilities plus a passive, and any of these can be selected for Loldle's ability quiz. 

Users will be given nothing but the image to start with, and the name of the ability will be unlocked after five wrong answers. So, if you're through wracking your brain for today's answer and just want some relief, don't worry - we've got you covered!

League of Legends
With 161 Champions, each with four abilities and a passive, it can be tricky to get the right answer (Picture: Riot Games)

Today's Loldle Ability Answer

The Loldle Ability answer for February 23 is Pantheon.

How To Play Loldle Ability Quiz

Unlike Loldle Classic, there are very limited resources to draw from when making your guess in the Loldle Ability quiz. While you can steadily cross off Champions via the color-coded category system of Loldle Classic, you are very much reliant on your Champion pool knowledge to get the Loldle Ability answer.

In short, if you haven't played every Champion in the game at least once, the chances of you getting it right are slim. That being said, most League of Legends ability icons are very in keeping with a Champion's themes, and it's easy to guess if the ability is very obvious. 

Additionally, after five wrong guesses, Loldle will give players the name of the ability, which, more often than not, will give you the answer along with it!

League of Legends
We hope you aren't a one trick! (Picture: Riot Games)


Who Is The Best Loldle Ability Quiz First Pick?

Much like Loldle Classic, there is no definitive "best" first pick. Even more so in the Loldle Ability quiz, as starting out with a random Champion makes little to no sense when you have an icon to help you out from the get-go.

Depending on the icon you receive, you will need to think of what champions might fit into the theme of the image. For example, a Loldle image featuring an assortment of large weapons firing out is likely to be someone like Gangplank or Graves. It's common sense, really. 

When Does Loldle Reset?

A new Loldle is available every day and resets every day at Midnight UTC+2.

And that's all. For more on the game, check our section dedicated to League of Legends news, guides, updates, tips, and more.

Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.