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New Riot Forge Game 'Mageseeker' Featuring Sylas Leaked

A brand-new action-adventure game starring Sylas and being developed by Riot Forge has been leaked.
New Riot Forge Game 'Mageseeker' Featuring Sylas Leaked

The Korean Game's Rating Committee has leaked a brand-new action title for PC and console being developed by Riot Forge. Titled "Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story," The game will feature Sylas as the main protagonist as you embark on a quest to save Demacia. 

Very little is known about the game as of yet. Still, thanks to the overwhelming amount of lore surrounding the League of Legends universe and Runeterra, there are certainly some things we can confidently expect to appear in this new title. 

New Riot Forge Game Featuring Sylas Leaked

League of Legends
This new title is called "Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story." (Picture: Riot Forge)

The original leak came from Twitter which also showed off several concept artworks for the game and a short description of what the gameplay will look like. 

As per the tweet, we know this will be an action-heavy game. The story will follow "Sylas' prisoner uprising, their punishment-- being born mages. A rebellion amassed to topple Demacia's monarchy and demolish the nation's hierarchy of oppression." And finally, the gameplay will feature "continuous battles against humans/non-humans."

League of Legends
Riot Forge are responsible for creating games set in the world of Runeterra. (Picture: Riot Forge)

Unlike the Ruined King or Hextech Mayhem titles which were primarily turn-based RPGs and rhythm games, respectively, Mageseeker appears to be an action-adventure title. Those who follow League of Legends lore may be surprised to see that Sylas, someone who once waged war against Demacia and its people (including Garen, Lux, and Galio), is now fighting to defend the same land. 

Additionally, according to the League of Legends Sylas wiki, Sylas is currently the only Champion classified as a "Mageseeker" and was responsible for the Mageseeker uprising (until he was apprehended and sent into custody). Several other Mageseekers are referenced on this page alongside tales of war and exile. Perhaps Riot Forge plans to use some of the already developed content as they develop this new title. 

Not much else is known about this title as of yet. However, if the game is up to the same level of quality as the previous two titles developed by Riot Forge, we are confident that Sylas' debut in his first solo game will be a great one. 

And that's all we know so far about the new Riot Forge game featuring Sylas leak!