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Mecha Kingdoms skins teased in new trailer

A new line of skins will be coming to League of Legends in January, with a teaser for Mecha Kingdoms suggesting a deeper story behind them involving Grandmaster at Arms Jax.
Mecha Kingdoms skins teased in new trailer

Players will be getting new League of Legends skins early into 2020 following the teaser reveal of the Mecha Kingdoms skins.

In a new trailer called Higher, the champion Jax can be heard speaking about the Great Kingdoms warring interrupted by a 'new enemy' that he must fight with 'gifts from the heavens' that allow him to control a giant mech version of himself and wield an impressive spear-like weapon.

While the description is brief, stating 'we must rise above the past if we wish to have a future', this further suggesting these skins will be must-haves for those interested in lore for the wide range of characters created by Riot Games and their alternate stories.

The new line of skins due to feature five champions, referred to as 'pilots' of the mechs, will be released on 15th January 2020, at 11:00 a.m. PT.

The full trailer can be found below:

Riot Games' MOBA title is free-to-play but the skins for champions are monetised. There are multiple types of skins ranging from fun novelties and puns to limited edition skins that have accompanying backstories such as the Star Guardians.

The winners of each year's World Championship are also given skins and we can expect FunPlus Phoenix to receive their Worlds 2019 skins in the coming months, joining the exclusive club of teams with their own collections: Fnatic, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung White, SK Telecom T1, Invictus Gaming and Taipei Assassins.