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Meteos announces 100 Thieves exit, apologises for "unprofessional" outburst

William “Meteos” Hartman has announced he is stepping away from 100T but states he will be available if the team needs him.
Meteos announces 100 Thieves exit, apologises for "unprofessional" outburst

Meteos has announced his departure from 100 Thieves. While his role within the organisation had been tenuous in the wake of a series of angry tweets made in the wake of his removal from the main roster, things seemed to have calmed down with the player and team reaching an accord. It seems though, that Meteos has decided the best thing for himself and the organisation would be to step away more permanently.



The former LCS champion had a rough start to the Summer Split with 100T, going 1-5 before being replaced alongside former support William “Stunt” Chen. In his Twitlonger, Meteos notes that it came as surprise to him that he was benched after Week 3, as he was unconcerned about the poor results, citing a difficult strength of schedule and steady improvement in practice alongside previous recoveries from slumps in 2018.

Either way, Meteos states it was his shock and anger at the benching that led to a series of, now deleted, tweets where he threw shade at team management and the organisation. In his statement, Meteos apologised for those tweets, calling them “unprofessional” stating that he takes full responsibility for the consequences of his public outburst.

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Despite working things out with the organisation, Meteos felt that with his replacement Juan “Contractz” Garcia recently bringing down the reigning LCS champions Cloud9 on the main roster, and the academy roster bringing in Shane “Kenvi” Espinoza before the roster lock deadline, it would be better for all involved if players weren’t forced to split time. As a result, Meteos decided it was best for him to step away entirely, but leaves on good terms and remains available if 100T need him.

As for what’s next for LCS veteran, Meteos says he isn’t sure. While he still has a big competitive drive, and was given opportunities to join other LCS teams, he felt joining on such short notice would be a negative experience for all involved.

He states he’s mulling over streaming, podcasting, co-streaming or looking to join the LCS analyst desk as potential options before the 2021 season and more roster options open up. In Meteos’ own words, “All I know for sure is that I love playing, watching, and talking about league and there’s nothing that I’d rather do more.”



On a more whimsical note, Cloud9 replied to the tweet alongside a number of ex-C9 teammates joking about an OG C9 roster reunion on a more permanent basis. They just beat classic TSM in a showmatch, so maybe there’s hope for that yet...