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MSI 2021: DWG KIA rises to the top, Cloud9 on the verge of elimination

The LCK champions share first place on the MSI with RNG, while the North American team is on the ropes.
MSI 2021: DWG KIA rises to the top, Cloud9 on the verge of elimination

Day 3 of the Rumble Stage of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational is officially history, bringing big and unexpected results that have completely turned the Top 4 of the tournament around.

The race to get one of the four tickets to the Knockout Stage is becoming more than interesting, after great performances between all of the favorites of the tournament, as well as some good showings and upsets from the teams of the emerging regions.

cloud 9 msi
(Picture: Riot Games)

After their fall against the LPL champions at the beginning of the tournament, DWG KIA has started to gain some momentum by bringing a good win streak during the last two days of the Rumble Stage, although they have shown some missteps along the way against their opponents.

However, the classic Korean play style has begun to take effect again as the current world champions managed to destroy the LEC champions, MAD Lions, in a more than convincing way, giving them a trip back to reality.

Besides, their second game against Cloud9 brought a harder challenge for the LCK champions, as there were moments were the North Americans could have changed the course of the game, but as it has happened in all of their matches they tend to succumb to the pressure of the Asian teams, and in this case, this was no exception.

A game that started with a great advantage for the LCS’ team, finished being in an overwhelming disappointment for their fans as they fell against DWG KIA again, putting Cloud9 in a dangerous situation now that only four games are left, as with a single point by their only victory against Pentanet, the chances to get out of the Rumble don’t depend on them anymore.

As for the Worlds 2020 champions, their recent success in the last five matches have put them in a momentaneous tie with RNG, who after succumbing to PSG Talon, lost their win streak and showed the world the LPL champions can also bleed.

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Tomorrow’s games will be decisive to define the course of both teams, as Cloud9 is in the verge of elimination hoping for a miracle run, while DWG KIA will play to lock the first place of the stage, as they have already qualified to the Knockout Stage and with this, the chance to become MSI champions.