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MSI 2021: PSG Talon breaks out by taking down MAD Lions and RNG’s undefeated streak

The PCS champions started to gain some momentum towards the Knockout Stage, by defeating both Europe and China’s top teams.
MSI 2021: PSG Talon breaks out by taking down MAD Lions and RNG’s undefeated streak

Day 3 of the Rumble Stage of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational is officially history, bringing big and unexpected results that have completely turned the Top 4 of the tournament around.

Heading into the day, RNG remained alone on the top of the mountain maintaining a 12-win streak, while DWG KIA and the LEC champions recovered a little before the start of the second round. However, an unexpected enemy was waiting in the shadows to show its true potential.

psg talon
(Picture: Riot Games)

Today's second game brought us a showdown between the Chinese juggernauts, and the PCS champions’ PSG Talon, who had just lost the previous day against MAD Lions and took a break with a victory against LCS ’Cloud9.

Obviously, RNG came as the favorite to take the victory in this duel, after having defeated the main favorites of the tournament in previous days, however they did not hope for one of the black horses of the MSI to retaliate against them.

Under Maple's leadership and experience in the mid lane, the veteran player managed to consolidate an impressive lead over his rival Cryin, resulting in a very convincing KDA and an overall gold difference of more than 12,000.

Thus, after years in search of redemption since his tenure in the now-defunct Flash Wolves, the PSG mid-laner managed to achieve his rematch against the best of the tournament by destroying RNG's undefeated streak, giving them a huge momentum heading into their second match of the day.

Prior to their game against MAD Lions, PSG had the lowest chance, having lost to them on three different occasions during both phases of the tournament, so as in the previous one, they came as the underdogs of the game, however their victory against the LPL champions brought out a more calculating and aggressive side from the Southeast Asia’s team.

Being dominant from start to finish, PSG Talon proved to have learned from each of their falls by hitting them with the same stone, managing to deplete the LEC champions and momentarily leaving a draw for third place in the tournament, with both teams having a 4-2 score at the moment.

msi psg

Now, on the way to their next games against RNG and DWG KIA tomorrow, the PCS team will be a more careful opponent, having shown what they are capable of, while being able to face the favorites of the tournament and on the road become one of them.