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MSI 2021 exclusive in-game content revealed through PBE

Players will have the opportunity to buy exclusive loot and many accessories to cheer for their favourite teams.
MSI 2021 exclusive in-game content revealed through PBE

As every year, the Mid-Season Invitational will bring a large amount of new content to League of Legends, with some of these being officially presented a few days ago with the reveal of the DAMWON Gaming and Conqueror Jax skins.

To go along with the celebration of the next international event that will take place in Iceland, a lot of content to personalize your game and obtain big rewards has been revealed through the PBE.

MSI 2021 team icons and emotes

It's tradition for each of the teams in an international League of Legends' tournament to be represented in the game through icons designed with their logos, and it'll be no exception this time.

During the event, all players will be able to acquire the icons of the champions of each regional league for a price of 250 RP each, with some of these already being revealed as they have won their respective Playoffs last weekend.

MSI skins 2021 MSI 2021 PBE

Likewise, special emotes from each of the teams qualified to the MSI will also be available in the in-game store for a cost of 350 RP each, having a rather striking design and with a colour range identical to that of the icons and the Conqueror Jax skin.

All MSI Skins 2021

There will also be bundles within the game store that include the icon and emote of a specific team for a special price.

Many other provisional icons and gestures from other teams are available within the PBE as some leagues have not yet completed their Playoffs, however, only those who manage to be crowned champions will reach the live servers.

MSI 2021 exclusive loot

Moving on to the exclusive content in Hextech crafting, the two special loots that will be available during the MSI both individually, as well as in bundles and as special rewards have been announced.

MSI 2021 Capsules

MSI 2021 bundles exclusive loot

These capsules will contain three random skin shards with a 4% chance to obtain a Break Out Bag. Gemstone and Mythic Skin Permanent drop rates will be multiplied by 1.5 with three chances for each type of drop.

The MSI 2021 Capsules will be available in three different bundles:

  • 750 RP: 1 MSI Capsule + 4 Prestige Points (2020)
  • 2,250 RP: 3 MSI Capsules + An exclusive emote + 12 Prestige Points (2020)
  • 7,500 RP: 10 MSI Capsules + 1 Break Out Bag + 40 Prestige Points (2020)

Break Out Bag

Break Out Bag

These grab bags were made to celebrate the rich history of MSI. If you get lucky to get your hands on one, you can reveal three Break Out skin shards, two random skin shards, and a 20% chance for 500 Orange Essence. Gemstone and Mythic Skin Permanent drop rates multiplied by 1.5.

The Break Out skin shards are made up of World Champions, Challenger, and Conqueror skins released between 2012 to 2020.

The Break Out Bags will only be available as a special random reward when opening MSI 2021 Capsules, or by buying the 7,500 RP MSI Capsule bundle.

DAMWON Gaming skin chromas and icons

New chromas for each of the DWG World Champions skins have also been added to the PBE. Each of these will be available as a bundle exclusive during MSI 2021, along with the signed icons of each of the players from the Korean squad.

DWG Kennen

DWG Kennen

DWG Nidalee

DWG Nidalee

DWG Twisted Fate

DWG Twisted Fate

DWG Jhin

DWG Jhin

DWG Leona


Conqueror Jax icons

To finish, two icons based on the commemorative Conqueror Jax skin will be available as part of a bundle, and also as part of the MSI 2021 in-game event rewards, which you can see below.

Conqueror Jax icons

It is important to note that from all the sales obtained by the content that you have just seen below, part of the proceeds will be used to increase the prize pool of MSI 2021, as well as each participating team will receive profits when acquiring any of their icons and emotes.

All of this content will be available during the course of Patch 11.9, as the start of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational approaches on 5th May.


All images courtesy of Riot Games.